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Raft Pipes
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Jul 24, 2016 @ 10:05pm
Oct 7 @ 3:06pm
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Raft Pipes

In 1 collection by Crystal
Majestic Server Mods
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Pipes. On Rafts.

This mod adds copies of the basic irrigation pipes which can be built on rafts. It includes both stone and metal versions of the five basic pipe pieces: intake, straight, intersection, inclined and vertical.

Each engram costs 0 points and requires the vanilla version of the same piece to be learned. Crafting costs are identical to the costs of the vanilla versions of the corresponding items. Since a stackable mod is unable to add recipes to the smithy, the metal pipes are instead craftable in player inventory.

Mod ID: 731049477

This mod works with vanilla rafts as well as mod rafts, so long as they are a child class of the vanilla raft. Tested with the Raft Extender mod.

Following are the paths to all of the items. Use these if you want to admin spawn them.



Following are the engram names. Use these if you want to modify the engrams in your server configuration.



Note: Items in this mod cannot be built on dino platform saddles. This is intentional. The items can be built on land like normal pipes as well as on rafts.
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Knightmare Oct 11 @ 6:40pm 
I think this mod is broken as of 271.2 update I can't load my server with this mod unless I remove this mod only from the mod list, I can load it in SP games no problem though.
Chaplynn Sep 4 @ 3:07pm 
You can do the same with the pipes from s+. What is the difference between this mod and the pipe system of s+?
ian_highlander Jun 29 @ 5:03am 
Hi, great mod, been using it for a while. Not sure if you're still working on this or not, but is there anyway you could consider making this work with the new motorboat as it doesn't appear to currently, thanks :)
Sans Jun 20 @ 8:58am 
can you do the same thing with behemoth gates?
Rocksalt Mar 25 @ 8:50pm 
Super mod! Any chance that beer barrels are in the works? Or is there an alternative mod that allows the barrels to be placed on a raft?
KensonPlays Feb 27 @ 2:31pm 
Does this work with Advanced Rafts? (Since it's a more recently updated rafts mod)
MeisterBUTZ Feb 5 @ 12:59pm 
Best Mod ever lovin it
Crystal  [author] Nov 17, 2016 @ 5:56am 
If the pipes will not build on a modded raft, contact the mod author and ask them to reparent their raft blueprints to Raft_BP. This mod checks for that to ensure you are actually building on a raft and not a dino saddle. Without the check, people could walk a paracer down into the water, build an intake on its saddle, then take it anywhere on the map to use as a water source. I do not want people doing that on my servers.
Trigan Aug 31, 2016 @ 2:09pm 
This mod does not appear to work with either the Big Raft or Advanced Raft mods.
Forceablegravy Aug 23, 2016 @ 7:16pm 
Is this mod compatible with kilrath's conquer of the ocean mod?