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More Vanilla Turrets
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More Vanilla Turrets

Version: 1.8.5
Made for RimWorld A17

This is the official updated version of More Vanilla Turrets.
A little mod that adds more turret variations with the attempt to keep their vanilla art style along with some careful balancing.

*Its highly recommended to avoid using new mods in your existing saves to avoid issues.
*Seems to be uncompatiple with Combat Realism mod, be advised.

New in 1.8.4/5
*Added research tabs for less cluttered research.
*Fixed turret heads sometimes spawning in pirate camps as loot.

New in 1.8.3
*Compatible with Alpha 17
*Shallow moat changed to mud moats

New in 1.8.2
*Equipment racks can now store Power Cells

New in 1.8.1
*Reduced cell price from 2 components to 1

New in 1.8.0
*Nerfed moats, they now slow down pawns less effectively.
*Reduced Devastator cooldaown from 83 to 60 seconds.
*Removed power requirement from Devastator.
*Added ammo type for Devastator called power cell.
*Added cell fabricator bench for Devastator ammo creation.
*New logo =3

New in 1.7.8
*Fixed an oversight that allowed turrets to be built as soon as the materials are available, without any construction time.

Included turrets

Gun complex

A perimeter mounted gun is designed to work regardless if you have power or not as long as somebody is manning it.
Never explodes.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = max32
Health = 225
Cost = 180 steel, 100 stuff, 4 components
Damage = Bullet - 13, Burst - Continuous, shot every 0.5 seconds
Size = 3 by 1 cells
Research prerequisites = Electricity
Project cost = 1000
Rocket complex

An older class of weapon that requires manual control and reload. Fortunately, with the help of decent optics and deadly weapon blast radius its presence is still dreaded on the front lines.
Explodes in a radius of 3 when destroyed.
Requires shells to reload.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = min3 max55
Health = 225
Cost = 180 steel, 100 stuff, 5 components
Damage = RocketDamage - 40, Explosive radius - 2.5
CoolDown = 8.3 seconds
Size = 3 by 1 cells
Research prerequisites = Gun Complex, Mortars
Project cost = 2000
Military grade turret

A more powerful variant of an automated turret. Longer dual barrels provide increased range, and greater burst.
Has higher chance to explode in a radius of 4.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = 28
Health = 200
Cost = 150 steel, 120 metal stuff, 4 components
Damage = BulletDamage - 11, Burst - 6
CoolDown = 7.3 seconds
Power = 390
Size = 1 by 1 cells
Research prerequisites = Gun Complex, Gun Turrets
Project cost = 2000
Shredder turret

Shredder turret is designed for close range. It doesn't explodes when destroyed thus making it a perfect choice for indoor defense, the only downside is that it takes more space than an ordinary variant.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = 20
Health = 240
Cost = 225 steel, 180 metal stuff, 5 components
Damage = BulletDamage - 21, Burst - 4
CoolDown = 5.3 seconds
Power = 420
Size = 2 by 2 cells
Research prerequisites = Military Turret
Project cost = 3000
Precision turret

A highly calibrated gun turret. Advanced optics allows it to deliver a single but precise shot at fairly long distances.
Explodes rarely in a radius of 2.5.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = 50
Health = 120
Cost = 225 steel, 180 metal stuff
Damage = BulletDamage - 42
CoolDown = 3 seconds
Power = 420
Size = 1 by 1 cells
Research prerequisites = Shredder Turret, Charged Shot
Project cost = 4000
Blast turret

Blast turret is designed for close range area damage, and it does so by launching a burst of 3 frag grenades.
Explodes in a radius of 4.5 when destroyed.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = min5 max20
Health = 200
Cost = 250 steel, 200 stuff, 6 components
Damage = grenade damage - 30, Burst - 3, explosive radius - 2, explosion delay - 50
CoolDown = 5.3 seconds
Size = 2 by 2 cells
Research prerequisites = Precision Turret
Project cost = 5000
Vulcan cannon

Fortified minigun tower that fires continuously, very durable but power hungry. Its tall and has long range, but due to that it can't aim under itself and can't be placed indoors.
Explodes in a radius of 5.1 when destroyed.

Tech Level = Industrial
Range = min6 max36
Health = 500
Cost = 500 steel, 600 stone stuff, 15 component
Damage = BulletDamage - 6, Burst - Continuous, shot every 6 ticks (0.1 seconds)
Power = 1000
Size = 3 by 3 cells
Research prerequisites = Blast Turret, Multibarrel Weapons
Project cost = 6000
Devastator mortar

A magnetic catapult that launches plasma projectiles with greater velocity, accuracy, and much larger blast radius thanks to its burst of five shells.
Needs cell fabricator to create ammunition. Watch out for a huge EMP explosion in a radius of 10 when destroyed.

Tech Level = Spacer
Range = min20 max500
Health = 360
Cost = 750 steel, 400 metal stuff, 20 component
Damage = ShellDamage - 30, Burst - 5, Explosive radius - 3.5
CoolDown = 60 seconds
Size = 2 by 2 cells
Research prerequisites = Mortars, Vulcan Cannon
Project cost = 7000
Ammo = Power cell
Cell fabricator

A very power hungry station designed for assembling devastator power cells.

Health = 180
Cost = 100 plasteel, 100 gold, 10 component
Cell cost = 1 component
Power = 5000
Size =1 by 1 cells
Mud moat
not a turret

A light perimeter defense to slow down your enemy.
Can be dug on diggable terrain, and could be removed with "remove floor" tool.

Cost = none
Size = 1 by 1 cells (can be dragged)
PathCost = 40

You can visit the mod discussion here > https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=9521.0

Feel free to support! [www.paypal.com]
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Wemd Jun 22 @ 1:28pm 
One of the best turret mods I've ever seen! Thank you! <3
duduluu Jun 15 @ 12:20am 
Hi, Marn
Could you update Chinese translations?
Riggs Jun 13 @ 9:23pm 
how bout compatibility with "Combat Extended"?
"The" SeanMacLeod Jun 10 @ 6:53pm 
Speaking of gun complex, I LUV THOSE THINGS. They have been instrumental in a number of my base defense incidents, notably a seventeen-pirate raid and a pack of twelve angry thrumbos.
Turambar Jun 10 @ 10:02am 
Does the gun complex use the shooting skill to determine accuracy?
ignis[ru] Jun 9 @ 8:52pm 
Military turrets are pretty good. Not really powerful, but well worth their value. Man-powered turrets are kinda useful too, except they use too much precious components. But the other ones...

Shredder turrets are a waste of the precious inner space.
Precision turrets lack precision. Seriously so. Their only value is that they still have a chance to get that sniping Scythers. Eventually. Just pray that it would happen before they would destroy your Vulcans. I mean, I can see their theoretical value, but they miss too much.
Blast turrets... Dunno, I'm not comfortable with using explosives. I mean, friendly fire from turrets is already big concern.
Vulcan cannons... Yeah, not bad, but barely better then 3 military turrets which you can use instead.
Devastator is useless. Insanely expensive, and too slow to reload. Even when can afford it, normal mortars seem to be a better choice.

tl;dr: worth using for military turrets alone. Other things are complimentary.
darktoes Jun 9 @ 5:20am 
That is a particularly strange bug. Do you have this mod quite late in the load order? That tends to fix most obscure glitches.
itspBeezy Jun 8 @ 6:13am 
@Marn thanks for this wonderful addition to the game, I am having a pretty weird issue though... when the military grade turret explodes, it explodes into like thousands of normal quality pistols.
Kalshion Jun 5 @ 11:10am 
Does this mod conflict with the Turtet Collection mod made by Duduluu?

Soketsu May 29 @ 4:13pm 
Thanks you for leading meto the old version (months ago), going to check if it is A17 compatible