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The Butters Pack
A collection of simple but challenging tests that you will find simply challenging. Note that this collection is mandatory for all employees grade 7-A. Meals will not be provided but you may bring a sack lunch. All liquids must be stored in a covered container.
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Butters: Test Chamber 01
Created by Butters Stotch
Your first test. Please note that while 99.99% of test subject have completed this test without a fatality, past performance does not guarantee future results....
Butters: Test Chamber 02
Created by Butters Stotch
I hope you are not afraid of heights. Because your employment contract cleary states that a phobia is not sufficient cause to exempt you from mandatory testing requirements....
Butters: Test Chamber 03
Created by Butters Stotch
This test involves building bridges, the kind you can easily burn once the illusion of friendship is no longer needed....
Butters: Test Chamber 04
Created by Butters Stotch
Rest assured that any appearance of satisfaction exhibited by a sentry turret in the act of shooting you dead is in fact, by design....
Butters: Test Chamber 05
Created by Butters Stotch
Please be careful on this test. I'd hate to have to start over with with someone new because I might actually care for someone new....
Butters: Test Chamber 06
Created by Butters Stotch
Remember, safety regulations require any test subject who experiences a fatality to complete form 223762-21. Failure to do so may delay your fatality....
Butters: Test Chamber 07
Created by Butters Stotch
Use caution around high energy laser equipment, those devices are very expensive....
Butters: Test Chamber 08
Created by Butters Stotch
Note that propulsion gel has been know to cause an allergic reaction in a small percentage of test subjects. If you experience itching, rash, shortness of breath, heart failure or spontaneous genetic restructuring, congratulations on being one of a select...
Butters: Test Chamber 09
Created by Butters Stotch
It's no wonder you get along with Companion Cube so well, the two of you have so much in common. Neither of you has parents who love you, or friends, or any sort of future outside of this test facility. Although it is interesting to note that Companion Cu...
Butters: Test Chamber 10
Created by Butters Stotch
Repulsion gel was specifically designed by scientists to push you away. For those people around you however, the impulse comes naturally....
Butters: Test Chamber 11
Created by Butters Stotch
You should find this test chamber agreeable. Like you, it was once abandoned. The difference, of course, it that someone felt the chamber was worth keeping after all....
Butters: Test Chamber 12
Created by Butters Stotch
I'm afraid our testing session is almost over. Not that I've run out of test chambers, It's just that I can't imagine you surviving this one....
Butters: Test Chamber 13
Created by Butters Stotch
Aerial faith plates are not inherently dangerous. When combined with gravity however, serious injury may result. Aperture Science assumes no liability for damages caused by such misuse....
Butters: Test Chamber 14
Created by Butters Stotch
I must say, you're doing very well on these tests. There, that should fulfill the test subject encouragement requirements. You should feel special, those minimum requirements were designed specifically with you in mind. It says so right here in your file....
Butters: Test Chamber 15
Created by Butters Stotch
Remember your friends, the turrets? They remember you. I've never seen them so determined to eliminate a human. You seem to have a talent for instilling that desire in artificial life forms. Your one, and only, talent....
Butters: Test Chamber 16
Created by Butters Stotch
Aperture Science gels may be safely and effectively removed from any surface with clean water, except when that surface is your skin. In that case, you are advised to replace your skin as soon as possible. Seriously, the sooner the better....
Butters: Test Chamber 17
Created by Butters Stotch
This next test chamber requires the use of Companion Cube. Actually, the protocol refers to contacting your next of kin, but since nobody will claim you we'll just have to improvise....
Butters: Test Chamber 18
Created by Butters Stotch
Please keep in mind that Aperture Science is not responsible for lost personal items, or lost sleep, or loss of memory, hearing, vision or vital organs. Nor is Aperture Science responsible for lack of disclosure or clarity in any waiver it asks you to sig...
Butters: Test Chamber 19
Created by Butters Stotch
Did you know, the Weighted Storage Cube is not in fact used for storing items? It was actually designed to fill unused space in storage facilities, thereby making them more efficient. Imagine that, something whose sole purpose is taking up space. I can't ...
Butters: Test Chamber 20
Created by Butters Stotch
The build crew is running a little behind schedule on this chamber. But rest assured that, while it may be lacking a few cosmetic details, it is fully operational and ready for testing....
Butters: Test Chamber 21
Created by Butters Stotch
While extremely versatile, conversion gel unfortunately will not adhere to every surface. Even more unfortunate, the inner lining of your lungs is not one of those surfaces. So for best results, try to minimize your breathing when working with it....
Butters: Test Chamber 22
Created by Butters Stotch
If you should at any time feel fatigued, hungry, distressed or are in need of medical attention, tell a testing attendant immediately so that they can make a note of it on your record....
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BitGlitch Aug 9, 2012 @ 10:08pm 
Great chambers dude, keep it up!
Butters Stotch  [author] Jun 25, 2012 @ 7:38am 
Thanks, that's exactly what I'm aiming for. I loved how the Portal games struck a balance with the puzzles. They were neither too obvious (and boring) nor too obscure (and frustrating).
Yutz Jun 24, 2012 @ 5:56pm 
I love your maps, dude! Like you said, simple yet challenging. They're in the true Portal spirit, and with no dumb gimmicks.