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Weapon Stats
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 8:18pm
Jul 26, 2016 @ 7:12am
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Weapon Stats

Compatible with Starbound 1.3

Displays item level, DPS and damage per energy (DPE) for swords and guns.

Based only on raw damage. Abilities and combo attacks are not factored in.

For additional stats on other weapons (legendaries, bows, fists) install Legendary Tooltips
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No DPS for some items.
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Tripod  [author] Oct 14 @ 2:12am 
@ibigfire No, you can enable/disable it without any issues.
ibigfire Oct 14 @ 2:03am 
If I end up having to remove this mod for some reason, will it make my character or any items invalid?
UglyStru Oct 9 @ 4:43am 
@Tripod This is a known bug. I thought it was this mod but it was happening even after I uninstalled.

Only happens when you click the same type of weapon with the same exact tier as the one you currently have equipped. This has been a know bug for ~2 months now? Is Chucklefish asleep?
Tripod  [author] Oct 8 @ 5:36am 
@Tithen-Firion I gave it a shot and couldn't reproduce a crash with a reward bag. Not sure what the issue is, sorry.
Tripod  [author] Oct 4 @ 11:40am 
@Tithen-Firion Thanks mate. I'll try find some time on the weekend to give that a go.
bart_is_simson Oct 3 @ 6:18pm 
nice mod work well
Tithen-Firion Oct 1 @ 8:57am 
@Tripod Try this: install mod, get weapon from reward bag, left click on that weapon. That crashed my game. I run server and client from the same game files, no custom config, everything default.
Tripod  [author] Sep 29 @ 6:06am 
@thewizardchrist As per previous comment - This hasn't been abandoned, it just hasn't needed to be updated. It's been working fine with the base game for me and plenty of others since launch. It even works fine with other mods I use. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee compatibility with every other mod available. Looks like yours is an extremely rare circumstance and seems like it was something else that caused the issue. Unless you have something helpful to contribute to assist with fixing the alleged issue?
thewizardchrist Sep 28 @ 6:05pm 
This has fucked my game completely. Do not download this piece of trash. Have to uninstall and reinstall.....looks like the mod has been abanoned and with the most recent version of the game........I have to start over.........just checked. Tripod made it. No more of that.
slayer of time Sep 17 @ 11:41am 
is there any chance it will mess something up if this is installed and un-installed?