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XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:09am
Sep 18, 2016 @ 5:07pm
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XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition

In 1 collection by lophatkao
LoPhatKao's Vehicle Mods
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XS Mech Vehicles

Buy the Controllers at Penguin Pete in the Outpost
(or his Portable Outpost counterpart)
{10% discount on controllers with Tabula Rasa!}

More Info: CF Mod Forum Link []
More Mechs!: ZZ Mech Addon - Highly Recommended!

Original art & code by TShinzon
Spirited update by SMT50001
Glad/Cheerful vehicle update by LoPhatKao

--[[ Your first Workshop Mod? ]]--

You may have to restart the game a few times before the mod decides to work (there should be a message popping up during startup). This seems to be a problem with starbound itself.
Always check the mod manager in starbound (the little square button in lower right corner) to see if mod loaded correctly.

Error reports without a pastebin link to your starbound.log WILL be deleted

"Bob" spam will also be deleted, and your steam account id copied to my list (you are NOT anonymous)
Bob is not wanted - Bob is not needed - Bob needs to gtfo
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☢VeFrAx☢ 1 hour ago 
@GiffLord Yeah I agree... But the mecha suits are so op that is the problem :D
Geek 16 hours ago Seems to crash deploying a mech.
ace Jan 15 @ 7:08pm 
Any possibility to make another mod with the Pirated Rho Mech's secondary fire as a indipendant weapon?
Xaviermoon Jan 11 @ 7:04pm 
Remember when the bob army existed in the Skyrim workshop?... good times
Müller Jan 10 @ 12:13pm 
###### Lophatkao ####### MAKE MEGAS XLR PLEEEEEEASE!?

Remeber of 3 versions: MEGAS with head; MEGAS with car head and Evil MEGAS from Evil Coop!

Must be taller than your previous Mechs and with some awesome second fire from cartoon!
waffleboy22 Jan 9 @ 2:53pm 
So this has probably been posted, but I downloaded this mod as described, and restarted and restarted multiple times, and bought a mech from the store, only to find that when I try to deploy it my game crashes. Sorry if this is a repost, but I'm just trying to clear this issue up, thanks
A Muzzled Flash Jan 8 @ 4:32pm 
GifLord Jan 8 @ 12:31pm 
I just want to say, this is seriously the coolest mod I've ever gotten. This is just.. amazing
SuperC4gamer Jan 6 @ 6:15pm 
item ids?
ThunderPig Jan 4 @ 3:20pm 
are you planning on updating this mod again because disintegrating buildings with a death laser that comes from my mechs arm gets old after a while..