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Instant Crafting
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:06am
Oct 10 @ 10:56am
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Instant Crafting

This is a client-side mod.

Disables the timer on client-side crafting tables so that everything you craft finish instantaneously.

Support mods
If you find any table that isn't instant just reply with mod name & crafting table name in top left corner next to icon.
I won't answer any "Is this compatible with ..." questions. Try it and get back to me if it isn't.

Non-Steam version
You can download a non-Steam version that you can install into /mods/ for servers or other releases of the game on the official Starbound repository
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Jul 10 @ 4:08pm
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no_hooman98 Sep 24 @ 12:24am 
it helps a lot
Tymon Sep 21 @ 5:45am 
"The Gift of the Creator" clothing from the kemono and ningen doesn't seem to craft instantly for anything. I don't believe the umai kitchen does either
goreae Sep 20 @ 11:46am 
The matter Transmuter from Oban's Transmutation Mod doesn't craft instantly.

And I really love this mod by the way.
◀Mr.Sandman▶ Aug 31 @ 5:28pm 
Many Frogs- Categories and Tabs is not instant. It dosent count as a crafting table but still.
v6  [author] Aug 29 @ 4:57am 
All vanilla crafting tables work but stuff like refinery where you put items into does not work as it runs in the server.
xXBulletJusticeXx Aug 29 @ 12:29am 
What do you mean by 'client-side Crafting tables'? Can I download this mod, log onto a Vanilla server, and use any craftig table and instantly build things?

Or does this mod work with something else?
MythrilBagels Aug 28 @ 9:12pm 
@v6 well, i said non-modded, but i only use some mods, ones that don't change much, but it would still be handy to make it togglable
v6  [author] Aug 28 @ 12:47am 
The only way to not load mods would be to use third-party programs or launch Starbound from it's exe, that only load mods in the mod folder and no workshop items.
MythrilBagels Aug 27 @ 10:38pm 
can you make the instant crafting togglable, maybe in settings or something, it would be handy because i have my op character and my non-modded character and its a hassle to unsubscribe from the mods i dont need
Scarlet The Playboy Lopunny Aug 27 @ 8:49am 
@v6 thank you