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RT Solar Flare Shield
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Jul 20, 2016 @ 12:50pm
Jun 26 @ 5:59am
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RT Solar Flare Shield

Adds a magnetic shield to prevent solar flares from affecting colony electronics.
Warning: potentially incompatible with mods affecting how solar flare incident works, not including mods simply adjusting it's frequency via the defs.

    Magnetic shield: an expensive device, draws little power when idle and spikes to whooping 25kW during flares; shields the entire colony, and heats up considerably in when in operation.

Old versions - scroll down, manual install[github.com]
Forum thread[ludeon.com]
License (GPLv3)[github.com]
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Omega13 Aug 13 @ 2:16am 
It seems very strange to me that this item cannot be placed under a roof, and yet will explosively short circuit if rained upon, forcing you to trick the mod by waiting until it's already built and then placing a roof over it.
「 LiTe Em uP 」 Jul 17 @ 9:55am 
i have downloaded the mod and working as intended lol..

should have remembered the notes about it..
note to self: never put this in a room with the rest of your power source[/b] ( in my case my advanced nuke reactor & batteries)... i nearly lost all my entire engineer team when a solar flare occured.. they all would likely went out on a blazing glory.. they were all inside my power room tag teaming on building a 2nd nuke reactor, several batteries, and circuit breakers... just escaped with minor burns lol
Distorti0N Jul 15 @ 5:50am 
I definitely agree with Ratysz here, backup your save file regardless of the mod. That being said, this mod is in perfect working order now so you have nothing to worry about.

My previous concern, I think, was because my save file had somehow created a dependancy on the mod - so when I tried to play without the mod installed, it no longer worked. Now that the mod works as intended, this isn't an issue because I prefer to have it in my game anyway.
Ratysz  [author] Jul 15 @ 5:46am 
@「 LiTe Em uP 」: The lag issue was fixed in a recent patch; I was not able to reproduce anything close to the saving problem they had. As I've mentioned before - backing up your saved games before adding more mods is a good idea, regardless of how trustworthy said mods are.
「 LiTe Em uP 」 Jul 15 @ 12:40am 
im currently subbed to this mod, but not activating it till my worries are gone lol... im also subbed to your fused mod and mad skills mod lol
「 LiTe Em uP 」 Jul 15 @ 12:39am 
im kinda worried because of the reports about heeavy lag associated with this mod.. and with distortion mentioning about ruining his current save due to this mod makes me worried..
Ratysz  [author] Jul 14 @ 5:59am 
@「 LiTe Em uP 」: Not that I know of; it's not very invasive, despite transpiling some of the game's own code.
「 LiTe Em uP 」 Jul 13 @ 1:21pm 
any known mod conflicts?? i definitely do needed this flare shield, but too afraid to screw up my current save..
Distorti0N Jul 2 @ 3:14pm 
Nice one, appreciate it man
Coldmoon Jun 26 @ 2:06pm 
Thank u!!!