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RT Fuse
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Jul 20, 2016 @ 12:47pm
May 25 @ 3:17pm
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RT Fuse

Adds fuses: they will help diminish or completely negate any explosions due to random short circuits when placed anywhere on a power network with batteries. Also, changes how short circuit event works: it will now consider all batteries, not just vanilla ones.

    Makeshift fuse: small and cheap, can be researched early on. Will safely dissipate up to 3000 Wd (that's 3 standard batteries) of electrical discharge, but will need to be repaired with a component afterwards.
    Circuit breaker: a more advanced solution, dissipates up to 3000 Wd and will only need to be manually reset afterwards (colonists with switch-flicking jobs enabled will do that on their own).
Old versions - scroll down, manual install[github.com]
Forum thread[ludeon.com]
License (GPLv3)[github.com]
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Mar 14 @ 6:25pm
game balance
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Ratysz  [author] 41 minutes ago 
@TheNightWarriorGaming, @XlightX: They stack, one fuse or breaker is enough for every three standart batteries in a power network.

@(╯°□°)╯Bread Sama: Yes, you have to research them. I've been told research screen was reworked (read: broken) in this update, I'll do something about that in a later update.

@Daniel_USA: the what incident?
Daniel_USA 4 hours ago 
does this stop the "burn something" incident?
do i have to research it
I dont seem to have it
XlightX 12 hours ago 
though stacking would be nice, it might actually be better to consider making multiple power nets in case one fails, then only keep the power nets 1 tile away at some points, so that if you ever get a discharge, you can manually place one power cable, so that then that system acts as a back up, eg a hospital always has a backup generator, same should be with your med bay and hydroponic tables, or freezer for that matter...
TheNightWarriorGaming 15 hours ago 
do they stack?
Ratysz  [author] 17 hours ago 
@Engifar: Yes, it can.
Engifar 18 hours ago 
Can this mod be added to existing saves in A17? Sorry if you've answered this before
OrlandoKev May 27 @ 10:09am 
Used to be research for these, but i do not have any listed nor have the option to make them, had same issue on save game from A17 testing and assumed it had something to do with that, but i started a new game yesterday and still no research/construction options for the fuses, any ideas, anyone else have same issue?

@Mittsies its a event in vanilla, the mod is for players who might not care for the event (which can be disabled in scenario editor at start of a new game if one should choose)
Mittsies May 25 @ 10:57pm 
Thanks for the update. This should really be in vanilla!