Portal 2

Portal 2

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The Companion - Ep. 2: The Decisive Path

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The Companion - Ep. 2: The Decisive Path

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The Companion
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"I'm so sorry", said the Cube. "I was so happy to be free, I forgot how dangerous this place can be."

You accept its apology.

The chamber you enter is even more flooded then the last one.

"You will have to guide me throught this one, friend. After each gap, I'll wait for you. Take your time to find the right path and deal with any of the dangers. I'm counting on you!"

PS: The huge button near the exit is an Emergency Tractor Beam Activator. In case your cubic friend doesn't land on the Weighted Megawatt Exit Unlock Button at the end of its course, use it to help him help you!