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Fluffy Breakdowns
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Jul 17, 2016 @ 5:48am
Jun 14 @ 12:23pm
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Fluffy Breakdowns

Replaces random breakdowns with a maintenance requirement.

Buildings using components will now gradually deteriorate. The odds of a breakdown happening (and requiring replacement components), is directly linked to the amount of deterioration.

To keep your machinery in top shape, your colonists with the construction work enabled will periodically maintain components. As long as components are properly maintained, they cannot randomly break down.

I’m very interested in any feedback on how these changes affect the difficulty of the game. I’ve tried to balance it so that it’s not too hard/easy - but I’m just one person with one playstyle.

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Sep 2 @ 7:02am
Suggestion: Dynamic Life Time based on Component Cost
< >
bearhiderug Sep 21 @ 6:26am 
Come to think of it. Large amounts of maintence on large bases. Would ammount to the work of mining steel, making components, then replacing them. Which does not take into account hauling time. I know I m countering my own point here, never thought of this perspective.
Fluffy  [author] Sep 21 @ 4:57am 
thing is, you would also have to replace components more often, so in theory at least, it should balance out.

Either way, I'll make some tweaks and perhaps change the mechanism a bit.
bearhiderug Sep 21 @ 2:46am 
I can see that. From my expirence late game there is to much maintence, vs vahnilla it being easiert to just replace a compontent. Although bigger colonies may have room for a handyman.
Fluffy  [author] Sep 21 @ 2:16am 
@various; Having a closer look at decay rates and how to deal with maintenance in large bases is still on my to-do list. The researches should help quite a bit though!
@Bobjownthemonkeyman; The mod only affects items that already had the vanilla breakdown mechanic. If this causes hives to require maintenance, that means that hives could break down in vanilla, which is weird. I'll have a look!
@bryan=5; no, just replaces the random breakdowns with a maintenance mechanic.
@bearhiderug; not really. I'm looking into making component decay rates configurable, but I'm not a big fan of that idea; seems it would be too easy.
bearhiderug Sep 20 @ 9:54pm 
Is this abl to be configured?
Bobjohnthemonkeyman Sep 17 @ 12:43pm 
seems to cause insect hives to deteriorate and die because they "need maintenance" ??? stops you making insect jelly farms :( unless it might be another mod? Anyone else seen this?
Dawg Sep 15 @ 1:59pm 
Works perfectly for in my case. Unless there is too much work causing the maintenance to skip, my stuff wont break!
BrokenPaw Sep 10 @ 5:43am 
You are awesome for making this, thank you very much.
Lavious Sep 9 @ 6:16pm 
Seems like there is a spacer tech that might slow down the component decay rate.
101=5, bryan=5 Aug 31 @ 10:44am 
does this cover the ztt event