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Infection - A HOI IV Scenario
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Jul 15, 2016 @ 2:38pm
Oct 25 @ 6:52pm
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Infection - A HOI IV Scenario

How will you survive?

Infection - A Hearts of Iron IV Scenario is a mod that implements zombies into the game.
Your goal is to play as any nation (exept for the zombies) and survive the horde.

### WHEN PLAYING THIS MOD, TURN OFF ALL DLC (You don't want factions) ###

### Changes ###
-Removes Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman. Puts Zombie Horde in their place (check screenshots)
-Part of Spain and Portugal have also been infected.
-Changes Loading and main menu wallpapers
-Every country will go to war with zombies.
-Zombies have 655 divisions and 623 ships.
-Zombies start with a massive boost to division org, recovery rate, and training time. Though zombies get weaker over time as they cannot supply so many troops
-Increases Manpower, Industry, Rescources, and Military Factories in the Region.
-Changed Bookmarks.
-No Factions.

### Performance ###
The game plays like a vanilla 1940's game.

### How it Works ###
You may notice at the start of the game, the zombies might not be at war with you. This is intended as when the zombies take over countries, events make them declare war on more countries. For example, when the zombies annex Iran, after 7 days they declare war on the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, British Raj, Nepal, and Bhutan. This is to prevent game breaking lag!

### My Note ###
Please leave feedback below, I am always willing to change parts of the mod. My goal is to create a fun, zombie scenario and if you have any recommendations please provide them below. Thank you for using the mod and I hope you enjoy. If you want to see more Hearts of Iron from me (and hopefully more mods) you can check out my YouTube or Twitch channels below

### Let me Thank You ###
I haven't really thanked you for everything. We got trending, we were the number one spot on steam popular mods in the workshop, we hit 9000 downloads. But even more than that, pc gamer included me in a recent article of theirs. So, because you clicked that download button, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for downloading, thank you for your feedback, your stories, your ideas. Thank you for everything. ~ Keith


*This mod is currently not being worked on. Only expect updates to support new versions.*
* Currently supports HOI IV Versions 1.4.X*
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Leonster 23 hours ago 
It is impossible to defeat damn zombies
★RedArmySoldier★ Nov 20 @ 8:10am 
jrbushman Nov 19 @ 7:00pm 
The zombies keep running out of divisions in like 1938 and I have no idea why. They have tens of millions in manpowe and more factories than anyone else, what is happening that they somehow lose 1k disisions in 2 years??
blakenau Nov 16 @ 6:22pm 
Zombies should have closed econimy but otherwise this mod is great
Nows The Time i Subscribe and download it!
阿瓦尔 Nov 15 @ 4:01am 
XOPA Nov 14 @ 5:02am 
really cool!
Wolfiant_ Nov 11 @ 8:40pm 
Cant do naval invasions it breaks the game
Trillionage Nov 4 @ 7:16pm 
Shouldn't the Zombies have closed economy? Also, you should add desire to join faction and accept volenteers to -10000000
NotoriousNostalgia Nov 3 @ 8:19pm 
Can this mod be worked on for Millenium Dawn? that would be cool.