Portal 2

Portal 2

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Eight section search

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Eight section search

A huge map, making you search for eight cubes to place on the eight buttons.

Cube placements: (warning, show's test solution)

Cube 1: Inside a hole in the roof by the entrance side.

Cube 2: Through a hallway straight ahead f the entrance on top of a ledge.

Cube 3: Drops on the entrance side when the fissler is deactivated.

Cube 4: On a small portable ledge above the exit.

Cube 5: On top of a light bridge over the fizzler on the exit side.

Cube 6: Using the momentum of the faithplate on the exit side, place a portal on the floor and it is on top of a big ledge.

Cube 7: Constantly dropping into a small outset room. Portal up and grab it.

Cube 8: Aim for the turned platform and use the faith plate velocity to get on top of the ledge.