Portal 2

Portal 2

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Tri-Pressure Project

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Tri-Pressure Project

A test chamber where you require 4 weighted storage cubes, using: Velocity, Excursion Funnels, And toxic moon gel. This test chamber also involves timing.

Solution to the test:
Start: Use the excursion funnels to reach the button over the start area. Press the button and time it so the cube safley lands on the super colliding super button.

Cube 1: Time the faith plate and the storage cube together so you can catch it mid air.

Cube 2: Use the previous faith plate and use portals and the faithplate's velocity to reach the platform.

Cube 3: Use portals to cover the floor in toxing moon gel. Place a portal above and use momentum to grab the cube and land where there moon the is spawning.

End: Place the 3 cubes on the 3 square super colliding super buttons on top of the block in the middle. The lasers should be gone, the stairs should be raised. and the door should be open.

Thank's for playing.