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3 separate rooms, 3 separate cubes, and 3 separate switches. Seems simple enough, right? Well, these rooms are a little bit more intertwined then you think. You may even have to get some cubes more than once.

And remember, as with all permutuations, Order Matters! Let the light guide you if you're not sure where to go next.

Difficulty: Medium to Hard
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Ryvaken Tadrya Sep 29 @ 11:12pm 
I love it! The rooms aren't THAT intertwined, once you beat the first the puzzle falls into place, but it's a great brain teaser by any measure.
dlgeorge Sep 24 @ 2:20pm 
Very good! It was two days figuring it out. Once I figured out how to use the lift and the lasers, it took 5 minutes to finish. It just took two days to understand what the author was doing. Very well done! Nice work!
TS_Mind_Swept Jun 19 @ 5:49pm 
I guess i was overthinking it cause i came here to get some hints (I only got: get the redirection cube on the lift and "let the light guide you if you're not sure where to go next") but for some reason that was enough. Not much more then 5 minutes later i had it solved and my mind was not hurting anymore. :D I really like the faith plates between areas, it kind of gives your mind a short period to relax between thinking, nice touch. 8.5/10
TS_Mind_Swept Jun 19 @ 5:37pm 
I must be overthinking it, cause i can't get it yet, it's really being a pain for me. >:S
AtomicRocket Jun 15 @ 9:51am 
lfairban May 28 @ 7:36pm 
Medium difficulty. Took some thought but pretty streightforward.
Nube52 Apr 5 @ 12:02am 
Classic Original
jabu-jabu Mar 26 @ 11:03pm 
Great puzzle. Thanks
Bishfudge Mar 22 @ 8:46pm 
nice trick there how you have to keep going back to move the cubes. i enjoyed it very well and i would give it a 10/10. Love Bishfudge
colin-java Jan 27 @ 2:11pm 
Nice puzzle, i was trying to get the laser cube on top of that elevator to get the laser in the hole, but realised you can portal it out, ended up having to get that cube again later, enjoyable, not too hard.