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Vcom AI V2.94
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Vcom AI V2.94

Vcom AI aims to improve the AI’s combat abilities. This mod is not a miracle worker but attempts to create a CooP experience that is more dynamic and challenging than the traditional AI battles of ArmA 3.


Configurable Varying AI accuracy

The AI’s accuracy can be easily configured depending on their rank level with the AIsetting.sqf or VCOMAI_DefaultSettings.sqf.
These options can also be modified on the fly to simulate all sorts of different enemy types.
This allows for a more customized experience on the battlefield.

AI Accuracy & Player Suppression

As the AI become more aware of the player’s position they begin to sight their weapons in and become more accurate.
Staying in one position for too long can be potentially dangerous if the engagement lasts for too long.

AI Communication

AI groups will actually communicate to each other when engaged with enemy forces.
It is up to the AI to respond in the way they see fit.

AI Use Of Cover

AI will more quickly run for cover instead of laying in the middle of an open road.
If an AI is caught off guard, and in the open, it may try to throw a smoke grenade and suppress before running to cover.

AI Area Avoidance

AI will attempt to avoid areas that their buddies have fallen in. This can prevent situations where AI would continually walk through a door with 30 dead bodies inside and the enemy camped inside.

Improved Flanking

The AI will attempt to flank the player from *good positions*.
This means they will try to prioritize good terrain/cover areas even if this means falling back.
AI will, if given the knowledge, chase players across the map if needed.
They will constantly hunt down the players if provoked.
AI Responsiveness

AI should respond to threats a lot more quickly, and take cover as a result.
If one unit in their squad takes fire they all will go into combat stance.
AI that engage and kill a target will scan the area before going back into safe mode.
They will not so easily/quickly go back into their default states as vanilla AI.
AI will respond to gunshots from a further distance and also be alerted by explosions or bullet holes.

AI Suppression

AI can become suppressed when taking too much fire.
Suppressed AI will attempt to find cover and use smoke to escape the fire.
If the AI are cornered they will simply try to kill the enemy, even if this means dangerously using a grenade in CQB.

Weapon Utilization

Want the AI to use those gosh darn static bags on their backs? What about using those big ol’ dang UAV bags?
Well now they will!
Expect AI to deploy static weapon bags in combat, use them to suppress/cover and then pack back up to move up.
Also expect them to use UAV’s to locate you and share that information with everyone else!

Mines & Explosives

AI will now use mines to kill unsuspecting enemies, or use explosives to knock someone out of a building if they don’t feel like breaching it.


AI will garrison buildings to get a cover advantage over the enemy.
Putting the AI on a HOLD waypoint will force them to garrison buildings, and move around, in their surroundings.


The AI will dynamically change their formation depending on the environment.
If they are on a hill, and want to all fire down upon an enemy - they will use line formation.
In a town, they will most likely use stag. formation. Of course, during combat the formations are not prioritized at all.

Vehicle Disembarking

AI will disembark vehicles much before they reach a known enemy.
This allows them to position as they see fit before engaging.
Helicopters will also automatically unload troops when deemed necessary by the AI.

These are all commands/tricks that you can use to create unique situations using Vcom AI.


1)If a groups active waypoint speed is set to "FULL" they will 'charge' the waypoint and will only seek for cover when heavily suppressed.
2)If a groups active waypoint is set to "HOLD" and is ontop of a structure, they will attempt to garrsion that structure/nearby structures.
3)A group on a "HOLD" waypoint will try their best to not leave the HOLD waypoint location.
4)A on a "DESTROY" waypoint will not generate extra waypoints until their target is A)Destroyed or B)Enough time has passed.
5)AI groups with 2 or more waypoints will NOT generate extra waypoints, or move to help friendlies, when engaged in combat.
6)AI groups with these active waypoints will not generate extra waypoints: "HOLD","GUARD","UNLOAD","LOAD","TR UNLOAD","SENTRY","DESTROY"
7)AI groups with the dismissed waypoint will wander around until they are engaged in combat.


1)To disable Vcom AI entirely on certain units put this command in their init field: "this setvariable ["VCOM_NOAI",true];"
2)To disable Vcom AI entirely on a group, put this command in any unit in a squad: "{_x setvariable ["VCOM_NOAI",true]} foreach units (group this);"
3)To get more feedback about what VCOM_AI is doing, put "VCOM_AIDEBUG = 1" in your init.sqf file.
4)To disable Vcom AI from creating additional waypoints or running to support friendles, put this command in their init field: "this setvariable ["VCOM_NOPATHING_Unit",true];"
5)To disable a Vcom AI group from creating additional waypoints or running to support friendlies, put this command in their init field: "{_x setvariable ["VCOM_NOPATHING_Unit",true]} foreach units (group this);"


1)AI will sometimes attempt to garrison empty static weapons.
2)AI will deploy static weapons from their packs (Vanilla statics only)
3)AI will deply UAV's from their packs (Vanilla UAV's only)
4)AI medics will heal hurt group members during combat without needing to be ordered (Only if they deem it safe)
5)AI spawned inside buildings will not move from that building in MOST circumstances.
6)AI can move in and out of artillery vehicles/statics and have a chance to be called for support from friendlies.
7)AI with explosives will attempt to destroy garrisoned buildings.
8)AI with landmines will randomly place them down in combat.
9)AI have a chance to clear a garrisoned building by 'flushing' it out.

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