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Expendable Human Launch Vehicle

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"This is the longest and largest custom map I've played. None of the challenges were too taxing but they were all logical and interesting. What impressed me most is how the player's path twists through the space so you keep getting close to the exit (or entrance) and then moving away again." - whispermusic

Theme: Maze with large jumps
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5-10 min
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The Retro Bandit Aug 30 @ 10:47am 
That was fun!
White Obama Aug 19 @ 4:45pm 
First chamber i've done thats posed a challenge to me since i first played the game good job.
cajundoc Aug 19 @ 11:31am 
Very fun. Thanks!
Travishamockery Aug 8 @ 12:53pm 
THAT was fun! Need more like that.
Who's The Mann? Aug 7 @ 9:37pm 
Error message.
Crushed my lifelong dream of flying.
Blooglez Aug 2 @ 11:21am 
I would rate this as probably the best chamber I've ever played. Thank you!
BrickermanPalooza Jul 29 @ 1:33pm 
Fun sailing through the air. I felt as majestic as a bird! Piloting a blimp.
ParLee692 Jul 27 @ 6:26pm 
One of the best chambers I've ever played. Not mind-boggling, but still makes you think. Excellent work!
Violaghost Jul 18 @ 8:20pm 
not bad. The first part stumped me for a while , but then I kept coming back.
asif21hasan Jul 17 @ 3:16am 
jump, Jump & JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!