Portal 2

Portal 2

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Made in Serbia
Collection of maps made by Portal 2 players from Serbia.

Kolekcija mapa koje su napravili igrači iz Srbije. Cilj je da na jednom mestu skupimo što više mapa koje su radili naši igrači tako da, ukoliko ste napravili nivo ili dva, kontaktirajte me i biće dodati u listu.
Items (8)
A flight of stairs
Created by GrgoljBlaster
Pretty straightforward chamber with a few buttons and some interactive stairs. Because plain noninteractive stairs aren't fun....
It's not a lake
Created by GrgoljBlaster
It's a scale model of Atlantic ocean with some science stuff in it...
Laser Trouble
Created by Mrmotinjo
A lot of cubes in this chamber... also a LOT of lasers....
Created by DeSpI
First in the series to come, i been experimenting with portal technique and i came up with this, on the paper it's pretty simple, but...

Find the cake at the end of level and become a guy....
Vchamber part II
Created by DeSpI
I had mixed up pretty much every known portal tricks, flinging, sliding, portal dodging, "momentum jump" and so on. It's large map so please dont expect to finish it in short turn, not in less then 20 minutes. Not because it's puzzled or messed up but cuz ...
You will now learn to hate the Ball.
Created by Mrmotinjo
PURPOSE OF THE TEST: observe the ability to perform precise operations while under extreme stress.

METHODS: "extreme stress" is provided by a sufficient number of turrets. "Precise operations" consist of placing the Ball into various receptacles....
The Pyramid 2
Created by Lucien Lachance
Find your way to the top of the huge pyramid by solving numerous puzzles. There is usually more than one way to pass a certain segment of the pyramid, as well as a number of traps, so pay close attention and enjoy!
Small tip: lasers set turrets on fire....
Created by GrgoljBlaster
Go into unknown

A combination of adventure/ride and light puzzling...
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Mrmotinjo Jan 8, 2013 @ 6:01am 
I really need to polish Laser Trouble a bit. There's a few kinks left to iron out :)
DeSpI May 15, 2012 @ 8:19am