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Cube Hunter Test Series
A series of tests based on finding and gathering Weighted Storage Cubes as a key piece in solving each puzzle
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Cube Hunter Series (Introduction)
Created by Awesome Weegee
The Introduction Chamber to the Cube Hunter Series...
Cube Hunter Series (Test Chamber 1)
Created by Awesome Weegee
Get all the Weighted Cubes + Get the ball = Get out!

Hunting and gathering is the name of the game in this Test Chamber setup. Sometimes it may be strait-forward how to get the the next cube other times you may need to do a little thinking, but rest a...
Cube Hunter Series (Test Chamber 2)
Created by Awesome Weegee
Test Chamber 2 of the Cube Hunter Test Series

Less challenging than the first, I would say. But you decide....
Cube Hunter Series (Test Chamber 3)
Created by Awesome Weegee
Taking a step up to 4 cubes needed to solve the puzzle for added difficulty. Including an advanced leg of the hunt that will get you to rage as the chamber trolls you. Can you figure out which cube is the hardest to acquire?...
Cube Hunter Series (Test Chamber 4)
Created by Awesome Weegee
Test Chamber 4 of the Series (2nd to the last). 6 Cubes required to open the Exit; making it the most difficult Cube Hunter so far....
Cube Hunter Series (Test Chamber 5)
Created by Awesome Weegee
The last (but most defeanently not the least) Test Chamber in my Cube Hunter Series.

On a last note: The last room may have more than one solution. I guess it all depends on how you look at it......