Portal 2

Portal 2

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La collection Portal 2 des "Workshopers"!
FR :
Ceci est la collection regroupant toute les salles de test de Portal2 et les collections de salles de test de Portal 2 des membres du groupe "Les Workshopers" "(LW[FR_EN_ES])" : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Les_Workshopers

EN :
This is the collection that regroups all the test chambers from Portal 2 as well as the collections of test chambers from Portal 2 of the members of the group "Les Workshopers" "(LW[FR_EN_Es])": http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Les_Workshopers

ES :
Aquí està la colección que agrupa todas las cámaras de test de Portal 2 así como las colecciones de cámaras de test de Portal 2 de los miembros del grupo "Les Workshopers" ")(LW[FR_EN_Es])": http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Les_Workshopers
Items (72)
Turret Bowling !!!
Let's play bowling !...
Turret Bowling n°2 !!!
A new Aperture's Bowling for our employes !...
I love operas
How to destroy a turret opera .........
Aperture's Fireworks
The Aperture's Fireworks !...
Learning with Repulsion Gel
Problems with Repulsion Gel ? This test will help you to resolve them....
The Edgeless Safety Cube
Discover the Edgeless Safety Cube...
The Discouragement Redirection Cube
Discover the Discouragement Redirection Cube....
Learning with Propulsion Gel
Problems with Propulsion Gel ? This test will help you to resolve them....
The buttons
Created by opino72
Will you be able to solve this test?

NEW!!! The soluce video is available!
#Watch on Steam
#Watch on YouTube

The littlest test in the world !
All humans have died before the end !...
Learning with Cleansing Gel
Problems with Cleansing Gel ? This test will help you to resolve them....
The Frankenturret
Discover the Frankenturret....
Destroying Tourelles [six]
Created by Selph1ne
destroying tourelles for your plasure...
Destroying Tourelles [three]
Created by Selph1ne
destroying tourelles for your plaisure...
Destroying Tourelles [one]
Created by Selph1ne
destroying tourelles for your plassure...
Cubes' Incinerator
Destroy the cubes' incinerator !...
Aperture's Basement
What does Aperture hide in its basement ? ..........
Turret Bowling n 3
Let's play Turret Bowling with Excursion Funnel !...
Created by [FR] Li².Mysterio
Il y a un ordre logique....
Created by [FR] Li².Mysterio
Plus simple qu'il n'y parait...
Button master
Created by Arkaïd [FR]
That's a hard level. I strongly advise you to see the screenshots before doing that one. Post commentaries please!!!!!!!!...
Turret mayhem
Created by Arkaïd [FR]
A test with turrets. 24 turrets. Have fun!!!...
Created by Arkaïd [FR]
A so hard test chamber.
Good luck!
Test chamber of Test Part 1
Created by Plexus du brandio
Test your breen in this simple test
Testez votre cerveau dans cette simple salle de test...
Test Chamber of Test part 2
Created by Plexus du brandio
The seconde test chamber
la seconde salle de test !...
Test chamber of Test Part 3
Created by Plexus du brandio
Use the physique for You !
and only you !...
Test Chamber of Test Part 4
Created by Plexus du brandio
Did you kill the turret and save you ?
Watch Your Step
Created by thewalkinglink
This is one of the creations with the acid as the floor.It might be easy as pie but this is just a practice level to get you warmed up....
At first you don't succeed, use portals.
Created by thewalkinglink
Now don't get all freaked out about this one.Once you know your acid,all portals point due north west.

Another one of the challenging levels that I love creating.Most cubs are hidden, and others are in plain sight....
Created by thewalkinglink
The usual daily challenge that Shell has to go through. And she still hasn't said "Apple"....
Keep Calm.It's gonna be totally awesome.
Created by thewalkinglink
Aerial Faith Plates.....you gottah love them.This may be easy as pie, but hey.All Cave Johnson can say is, "Chariots,chariots.Never be too comfortable because lemons are not to be trusted."...
One Side or The Other?
Created by thewalkinglink
Another addition of the acid chambers Cave Johnson told me to make. He said, "Son.You got some true talent and what you were doing was crap.So I want to give you a chance of making 60 dollars.Cash.Caroline will give you the details and all that stuff about...
One button leads to another......
Created by thewalkinglink
Acid is the key....
Created by opino72

NEW!!! The soluce is available!
#Watch on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX4oVrWsfjY
#Watch on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/opino72/video/fX4oVrWsfjY

Les workshopers : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/...
Have fun with gels!
Created by opino72
Have fun with gels! by opino72

NEW!!! The solution video is available!
#Watch on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMtqaPyC-bU
#Watch on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/opino72/video/UMtqaPyC-bU

Les workshopers : {LINK REMOVED}....
Created by opino72
Saurez-vous vous-y retrouver dans cette petite salle bien remplie???

Par opino72, avec la colaboration de Yokoya.

NEW!!! The soluce video is available!
Plaques de foie aériennes
Created by opino72
Saurez-vous survivre?...Je crain fort que...NON! car le taux de réussite de cette salle est de...00%!!!Gnahahahaha!!!!

NEW!!! The soluce video is available!
#Watch on YouTube
Un bain?
Created by opino72
Essayez un peu pour voir!

NEW!!! The soluce video is available!
#Watch on YouTube
#Watch on Steam

Gels & Cie
Nice ! Gels, poisoned lakes, cubes and .... TURRETS !...
A cube vs. death
Cube vs. death.

Are you ready to kill... hum... dead ?...
Jump, Rebound !
Let's Rebound !!!!...
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Harder, better, faster, higher!...
Mysterious Elevators
Let's see mysterious elevators...
Aerial Faith Plate
Discover the Aerial Faith Plate...
Learning with Gels & Hard Light Bridges
Learn that you can put gel on Hard Light Bridges....
The Abandonded Aperture test
This test is abandoned because it was so hard for normals people but you ..... you are different....
The Thermal Discouragement Beam
Discover the Thermal Discouragement Beam...
The Weighted Storage Cube
Discover the Weighted Storage Cube....
Falling Tower
Do you dare to try the new Aperture experience?...
Learning with Conversion Gel
Problems with Conversion Gel ? This test will help you to resolve them....
The Strange Building
The people of this building wants to kill you, but they forget to remove the blu gel...

Try to escape....
The Weighted Companion Cube
Discover the Weighted Companion Cube...
When turrets are in heat ...
Let's play with robots and gels.

(New version : correct bugs like you could finish the test at the beginning, etc ; more time to fisish it)...
%$?!*% Goo and Turrets !
What the %$?! ? A Goo and some turrets !...
Destroying Tourelles [two]
Created by Selph1ne
destroying tourelles for your plassure...
Destroying Tourelles [four]
Created by Selph1ne
destroying tourelles for your plessure...
Destroying Tourelles [five]
Created by Selph1ne
destroying tourelle for our plesure...
alfsmyheart LABORATOIRIES [test 2]
Created by Selph1ne
un test assez difficile...
dead or life?
Created by Selph1ne
Created by Selph1ne
un petit test simple...
speed now!
Created by Selph1ne
speeder sinon vous creverer...
Remote Control
Jump, Walk, Press and Die....
The Labyrinth
Don't be lost !!...
Created by Selph1ne
tout est dans le titre...
XGME - Get The Sphere
Created by JojOatXGME
Get the sphere to get access to the exit.

Upload 1:
I tested the map and it's possible to solve it :). I hope, there are no more possibilities to skip something.

Upload 2:
I have added a sphere button with no effects to hold the sphere in position....
XGME - Simple Test 1
Created by JojOatXGME
A easy test room....
XGME - Simple Test 2
Created by JojOatXGME
It's still a very easy test but more difficult as "Simple Test 1"....
XGME - Simple Test 3
Created by JojOatXGME
Third simpel test by JojOatXGME....
XGME - Some Rooms
Created by JojOatXGME
This is my first test with more difficulty. Move through the rooms and solve the puzzle!...
Build Gates
Created by nitram
A glitchy situation?...
Created by nitram
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