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Alagaesia - Inheritance (W.I.P)
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May 13, 2012 @ 6:41am
Aug 9, 2012 @ 8:47am
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Alagaesia - Inheritance (W.I.P)

So, I haven't checked Steam in about a year and today I logged on to catch up on the Walking Dead. I had 186 new comments and I was surprised how many people are still excited for this and believe it will happen. I briefly skimmed through the new comments and it genuinely made me sad. I feel very bad for dissapointing so many people but I am sorry to announce that as many have guessed, this mod is dead. And has been for some time. In fairness, it never had much of a chance. I was a teenager when i started this and I never did not have the experience to handle the group of creators and really the scale of this mod. Skyrim's creation kit was my first time modding any game. I feel bad for wasting so much time of the people who volunteered to help make my vision a "reality" (Although reality is an odd word to use for a video game mod) and building up any hype for this mod. I failed them by not being able to organize them and I failed you guys by not being able to even nearly finish this. But what is most improper is the manner in which this mods "death" is being reported to you, the incredibly supportive fans. I am posting this only now, with the mod being dead for probably around a year. The probable reason for this is that the mod died a slow death. That is to say, it was never suddenly realized, "We can't do this anymore. It's over". Instead what happened was that as we continued to work for such a period of time, one by one, people left our team for either personal reasons or due to their inevitably correct realization that it would never happen. The group shrank and almost wordlessly, the remaining gave up and became inactive. For me, it kind of faded out of my life. I was on the forums less and less becuase their was less and less posts on their. And so I forgot about it and thus forgot to inform you. For this I owe my biggest apology. I have not treated my fans well enough as you guys deserve, exemplified in the manner of this announcement. Since day one, over two years ago, you fans have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. The progress we did make would not have even happened if not for your support. You guys deserve this mod, but I don't deserve the backing you have given me.
Despite this being dissapointing news, I can still feel proud of this project and the work we have done. I started this mod by faffing about in the creation kit and ending up creating a nord based on Eragon. Then I decided to creat an smallish island based on Alagaeisa and things just kept going from there really. Suddenly we were talking about heightmaps and worlds bigger than Skyrim. The first day the mod was "announced" the reception and number of volunteers I got was exceptional. If I had any sense I would have realised it was too big a group for me to lead and handed over control. My stubborness to do so definitely did not help this mod. That being said, being reasonable now, this mod was too ambitious to ever happen. However I am extremely proud of what the group has done. Some of which I will list below:

- Created a world that is 5x bigger than Skyrim (Even though we didn't texture it). Unfortunately it was so big that Skyrim crapped itself and wouldn't let you open doors or interact with objects which was an issue we just couldn't get around and one of the biggest reason we failed. Despite this it was one heck of a map and I really owe it to @Hawkeye who did an amazing job and ended up being a good friend during the the development.

- Got noticed and suppoted by Christopher Paolini himself on twitter

- What I am most proud of is the community that came about because of some crazy idea I had. 104,000 people have viewed this mod. 13000 people have downloaded on steam alone. It makes me feel inspired that I can form such a huge community. The amount of messages, voice actors and modders who volunteered to help while working on this was overwhelming, in a good way.

-The amount of individual things people made for the mod is surprising. The problem was always applying them in the game or connecting them together. Some things were finished but simply the world was not complete so we couldn't put them in. You can see pictures of some of these things on the nexus page. We had new dragon models (struggled with animations), new urgal models (struggled putting them in game), new building models, new sword models, a completely new soundtrack and even new landscape textures.

What I want to say also is that you can explore an Alagesia in Skyrim now. It has no textures but I found it pretty amazing. You can still download that at

And very importantly if anyone wants to texture this empty world of work on it at all and then upload it separately then feel free. In fact please do. I don't care. You don't even have to credit me because I was barely involved in the work on that. Just mention the work the team did and especialy Hawkeye. But for real, if you want a challenge then I'd be very pround to see that thing textured.

Thanks for all the support guys,

*IMPORTANT* To go to very early and basic Alagaesia, download from the Skyrim Nexus - and type in the console command "coc alagaesiaentrance" or cow alagaesiamap 0,0"

This mod for Skyrim will add the land of Alagaesia. It is a very early work in Progress and it will still take a while before you can use it. If you do not know the term "Alagaesia" , it is the setting of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

This is the order in which things will hopefully be done:
- Map-Our heightmap is very near completion and is 5x bigger than Skyrim. Yes, I know that is big :D
- Landscape textures and physical features - mountains, deserts, forests, rivers.
- Towns and Villages, and Cities
- NPC's to fill the map
- Unique Weapons and Armor
- Special enemies (Urgals and Ra'zac)
- Dungeons and caves
- Setting and quests. I won't spoil it for you.
- Dragon mounts.
- New shouts/spells/spell-shout things like, Brisingr

As you can see, this is a big plan, and only basic races are complete. Although we have a team of fantastic modders, we can always use help.
While it is difficult to accomplish this mod, but it is possible.
We are accepting any modders although when you join, we would ask that you take up an interest in the Inheritance Cycle, it will be important.

If you are interested, visit {LINK REMOVED}https://www.alagaesiacreationgroup♥♥♥ and make an account.We will accept all modders who can create NPCs, but warn basic modders that it will get advanced at later stages

You, as a fan, should also join the website for exclusive screenshots and a chance for beta access. You can also like us on Facebook @ or twitter @

And a thank you for anyone who downloads or supports this mod :)

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t.bone0498 May 15 @ 10:16pm 
Eka elrun ono wiol förn thornessa.
Kristian818 Apr 9 @ 11:20am 
This mod is not dead anymore but it has died once but is being remade check this link for info:
Damen_K_Demonio Apr 5 @ 3:07am 
well thats a bust :(
Kyle Khan Apr 3 @ 6:29pm 
The dwarves XD
(LoD) Lewiatan Feb 27 @ 1:09pm 
saphireserver. The mod is in production.
We had to start it from again, because mejority of old team members left. The progress is slow, because we suffer of lack of talented modders and people who are able to take part in project actively.

We need:
Animators, who are able to add new animations and models to skyrim
3D and Texturing artist

People who are willing to help can apply here:
(LoD) Lewiatan Feb 27 @ 1:08pm 
saphireserver, mod jest w produkcji. Musieliśmy zacząć go od nowa z powodu rozpadu starej ekipy. Pracę idą wolno, ponieważ brakuje nam utalentownych moddrów i ludzi, którzy są w stanie aktywnie uczestniczyć w projekcie

Animatorów, którzy potrafią dodwać nowe animacje i nowe modele do Skyrim.
3D iTexturing artystów.

Ludzie chętni do pomocy mogą złożyć podanie tutaj:

saphireserver Feb 25 @ 2:44pm 
Ten mod chyba nie powstanie. Żadnej aktualizacji już od dwóch lat ;/
Tuprewm Feb 21 @ 10:47pm 
Hopefully this thing can be completed.
[TNCL] Khazing Feb 3 @ 9:05pm 
So hyped! Good luck!