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No Rest for the Dovahkiin
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May 12, 2012 @ 11:58pm
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No Rest for the Dovahkiin

No Rest is a mod that adds a set of perks and magic effects to decrease the rate of skill gains or completely removes skill gain. The perk can be used for a complete change, or the magic effect can be used for a quicker switch. Current perks/effects:


NoRest completely negates skill gains, where NoRestXX gives you XX% of the skill points you would have normally earned (i.e. NoRest25 DECREASES skill growth by 75%). Currently, these effects are only accessible through the console, since they are not meant to be "true" perks or enchantments. There should be no strange effect with the Rested, Lover, Mage,Thief, or Warrior perks since all of these effects are multipliers. There may be conflicts with other mods that add new perks or magic effects.

For completeness, here are useful console commands (To access, press ~ in game)

Help (item/MagicEffect)
Will give item or Magic effect ID's. Ex: Help NoRest will show all Perks and magic Effects added by this mod)

Player.AddPerk <PerkID>
Replaces <PerkID> with the the ID# of the perk to give yourself the perk.

Player.RemovePerk <PerkID>
To remove perks

PlayerEnchantObject <objectID> <MagicEffectID> <MagicEffectID>
Adds to your inventory the Object with the two Magic Effects as enchantments.
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Manakonr Jul 14, 2012 @ 10:40am 
Well... dovakiin relaxes too, actually.