Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

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NecroForge 2.5a
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Jul 3, 2016 @ 8:17pm
Aug 20 @ 1:58pm
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NecroForge 2.5a

NecroForge - Item Spawner and Utility

Coded by ExcentriCreation

Data entry by ZedHead & ExcentriCreation

Concept by ExcentriCreation, ZedHead, dylan1313, & spyder638

Continued by Svarog

NecroForge Is a mod solely used for testing purposes and just screwing around in Project Zomboid if one so pleases. NF is not a cheating tool nor will it be referred to as such, really we wanted NecroForge to be a testing utility for devs and modders alike in Project Zomboid so please enjoy and give feedback on the forums, in the comments or on PZ-Mods.

Official Indie Stone Forum Thread:
PZ-Mods Page

Workshop ID: 717015179
Mod ID: NecroForge
Mod ID: NecroForgePlugs
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cranberry 7 hours ago 
which is awesomesauce nonetheless!
Svarog  [author] 7 hours ago 
I didn't create it :P ExcentriCreation and ZedHead did. I do my best to expand it and keep it up to date ;)
cranberry 8 hours ago 
that's ok. We'll just haul the corpses physically! Cheers for responding - and for making the effort to create such super mods for us!
Svarog  [author] 8 hours ago 
Unfortunately no. Most zombie/corpse related stuff that NF does have I couldn't make work in MP.
cranberry 8 hours ago 
incidentally, in case I do get it to work: can NF be used to create zombie corpses? Then we can replace all the dead zombies that were littering the road outside our base, lol!
cranberry 8 hours ago 
you're doesn't seem to be loading at all, no mention of it in the console. Hydrocraft is listed, as is Cheat Menu. Both work fine in game. We've been using Cheat Menu to recreate all our structures, but it doesn't work as a spawner to recreate the items we had before. Oh well, I'll keep playing around with NF and try to get it to work!
Svarog  [author] 8 hours ago 
The console output should have something like
[NecroForge] - Commencing
[NecroForge] - Initializing Guardian
If that doesn't appear then NF isn't even active on the server.

I just checked again, this time with the Current steam version 2.5a instead of my 2.5b that I'm working on on the off chance I broke something in 2.5a and fixed it in 2.5b both work fine for me.
cranberry 8 hours ago 
I did do that. Still no NF icon. :(
Svarog  [author] 8 hours ago 
Press ESC, Click on the Admin Panel and Select Enable Admin Powers.

You can be the host but unless you do that the server treats your client as any other and not an Admin.
cranberry 8 hours ago 
Hmm...I must be doing something wrong. I'm the host now, so presumably I'm admin. But the NF icon never appears.