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Medical Tab
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Jul 2, 2016 @ 3:11am
Dec 21, 2016 @ 9:18am
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Medical Tab

Adds a comprehensive medical overview tab, showing your colonists’ health at a glance.

Does not require a new save game Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves.

Medical care designation Schedule operations Sort by everything

Detecting which diseases/wounds/etc affect a certain body function is not as easy as one might expect it to be. There may be some inconsistencies in the labels associated with efficiency scores. If you encounter any, please leave a report so I can try and fix them.

Racoon German translation duduluu Chinese translation MossieuLeBlanc French translation kPherox A16 update

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This is version v0.16.1.2

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Mar 10 @ 4:27pm
Josh Johnson
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GLEN Mar 29 @ 5:51am 
Asterai Mar 27 @ 9:00pm 
UI suggestion: Aside from listing the various capacities and the injuries affecting them, could there also be a column listing pain and injuries/scars/conditions affecting it, similar to the bleeding column?
Omega13 Feb 24 @ 4:02pm 
I apologize if someone had suggested this already, but would it be possible to add a column that just lists any major medical conditions the colonist is currently suffering (malaria, asthma, plague, infection, that sort of thing) and when they'll require treatment? Yes, you can look for low numbers under the other categories, but it would be nice to be able to glance at one column very quickly and see if anyone is suffering from unusual conditions.
jars_u Feb 19 @ 5:11am 
Fluffy, have you considered submitting your mod to officially be in RimWorld as outlined at https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29505.0 ?
ChaoticQuagmire Feb 12 @ 10:25pm 
@fluffy; ZorbaTHut's mod 'Stay away from medicine' just adds in where you can set what meds are used for every one. Sounds like Simo is suggesting to make an entirely new mod that makes it where if a patient suddenly needs treatment that something will wake the doc up to go give treatment if they are asleep. I have not come across something like this either and it would be nice to have as i have had someone bleed to death because i assumed the doc done their job and they went to bed before doing it.
Fluffy  [author] Feb 10 @ 11:32pm 
@Neo; yeah, thanks :) I think Tynan is generally looking more for content mods, new animals world generation artifacts, stuff like that. But I'll think about adding this to the list.

@godofgaming; either killface's pawn bar or Moody. Vanilla has a pawn bar now as well.

@Simo; that's a good suggestion, but it's out of scope for this mod. I believe ZorbaTHut has a mod that does what you want (Stay away from the medicine). I'm calling it out of scope because doing this would require me to add a way to listen to game events (new pawn), and also store user data (your settings). Neither of these two are particularly hard, but I would have to add them just for this one feature. Also, there's already a mod that does it ;).

That said, I think I may look at calling Zorba's mod from my tab, so you can change the settings from the medical panel if you have both installed.
Fluffy  [author] Feb 10 @ 11:26pm 
@ChaoticQuagmire; that's a great idea - I'll add it to the list.
ChaoticQuagmire Feb 10 @ 5:29pm 
Just started playing with the tab and one thing i would add is a pain column. Love the tab even without it but it is a bit of medical info thats not on the tab.
[ML]godofgaming151 Feb 10 @ 8:34am 
Can someone please tell me the mod that shows all your colonists at the top of the screen, it un-installed for some reason and I can't find it!
Simo Häyhä Feb 9 @ 7:49am 
Hey Fluffy, Posting this here as i don't see a correct spot to post this. But i would like to suggest a mod that i feel everyone would like. And feel free to tell me what you think. Even if you outright don't want to. :) But real quick to everyone else. If there is a mod that does this or i'm just doing something wrong could you let me know. So what i would like to see is some form of bell/ringer for the vitals monitor. that would be able to go to a bedroom with some form of "Phone / alarm" that would wake the doc up when someone needs to be treated. Anyway. Tanks for taking the time to read this.