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Colony Manager
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Jul 2, 2016 @ 3:10am
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Colony Manager

Colony Manager allows you to make colonists do the more tedious parts of managing a colony, making sure you’re never out of vital resources again*.

Requires a new save game.
Adds a worktype, which is stored in the world, which means you need to start a new game after adding/removing this mod.

This is the first release on A17, and there were a lot of changes. For now, the Production and Import & Export tabs have been disabled. The production tab will likely be permanently removed, and migrated to be it’s own mod. Import & Export has been buggy for a while, and needs to be rebuild.

Production Jobs
== removed ==

Hunting jobs
- Set a target for meat, and never worry about designating hunting manually again!
- Set an area to clear of all predators - keep your home area safe!

Forestry jobs
- Set a target for wood, and never worry about designating lumber manually again!
- Automatically clear wind turbine catchment areas to ensure they’re working at maximum efficiency.
- Set an area to clear of all vegetation - make sure there’s no possible cover or retreat for any hostiles that dare attack you.

Livestock jobs
- Set a target for animals (for four separate age/sex combinations), and pawns will auto-butcher and/or tame to manage your herd.
- Restrict animals to specific areas (for example to separate male/female animals and prevent breeding).
- Auto-butcher, tame and train according to your specifications.

- Clear overview of all jobs
- Show stock and designated levels for the last day, month and year
- Show pawns capable of a job, and set work status
- Prioritize jobs, the manager will handle prioritizing jobs on worktables (however standard priority ordering across worktables still applies).

Import & Export
== disabled ==

How does it work?
You can manually set bills in the new Manager tab on the bottom of the screen. Once set, a colonist with the manager skill and worktype enabled will go to a manager station to figure out the best way to hand out jobs to individual workstations Periodically, the manager will check if the assigned bills are still up-to-date, and make changes or delete bills where required. The manager will not touch bills that are set manually, nor will managers create jobs. You’re still the overlord. In theory there is no real limit to the number of global bills that can be set.

Requires a new save. Adds a worktype, which in my tests gave errors on old savegames. Should work perfectly fine with other mods that add bills, assuming they do nothing too fancy/weird. (I’ve tested with various modpacks - screenshots were taken with the ModVarietyPack.)

- KapTaiN KaVerN: Minifiable research benches
- Moumix3: Research tweaks
- duduluu: Chinese translation
- Kirill:
- MossieuLeBlanc: French translation
- Lauri7x3: German translation
- Well-sp: Russian translation (update)

Think you found a bug?
Please read this guide before creating a bug report, and then create a bug report here[github.com]

Older versions
All current and past versions of this mod can be downloaded from GitHub[github.com].

All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[opensource.org]. Do what you want, but give me credit. All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[creativecommons.org].

Parts of the code in this mod, and some content may be licensed by their original authors. If this is the case, the original author & license will either be given in the source code, or be in a LICENSE file next to the content. Please do not decompile my mods, but use the original source code available on GitHub[github.com], so license information in the source code is preserved.

This is version v0.17.1.10

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Aug 18 @ 9:24pm
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Fluffy  [author] Aug 20 @ 1:32pm 
later one is faster to use, so pawns take less time updating jobs.
archgeek Aug 20 @ 3:14am 
What is the difference between the basic manager's table and the manager's table?
I do play Factorio Lurmey, and I do love it :D
But it just doesn't feel right without my "minimum wage" workforce, who get paid in half-potatoes.
Moonkiss Aug 15 @ 8:10am 
How "unforbid corpses" works? I don't want to kill animals, just wait till they die from malaria or predators. So all animals are unchecked. And looks like "unforbid corpses" is useless?
Fluffy  [author] Aug 13 @ 3:26pm 
@PeteSpurs, Captain Lurmey; Yeah, setting the filter to fur should work - at least partially. I'm not entirely sure the Threshold is smart enough to switch from meat to fur, so some of the parts (e.g. fur expected from corpses and designations) may still count meat instead of fur.

Let me know how it goes, I may have to have a closer look at this to make it work as expected.
HMS-Captain Lurmey Aug 13 @ 3:08pm 
Pretty sure you can do that PeteSpurs, click the box around the middle of the screen where it says "Target Count: X+X+X/X" and you can choose what items the bill counts. You need to check this menu for most of your bills as it sometimes automatically selects say, all the meats of the animals in the region even if you select to only hunt one of them. You'll be reporting as having tons of meat when you may only have a small portion of the meat from the animal you're actually hunting, for example.

It often does the same for forestry. I'll say to chop only ironwood trees and it'll be counting up all the wood that I have, not just ironwood, until I change it in that menu.
[MP]PeteSpurs21 Aug 13 @ 1:48pm 
This is great! Fixes so many issues with the game. Only thing it's missing is an option to hunt until you reach a set ammount of fur instead of just meat.
HMS-Captain Lurmey Aug 9 @ 7:09pm 
(_̅_̅r͟͟͞͞i͟͟͞͞z͟͟͞͞l͟͞a_̅()گ Until it comes back, play Factorio, you'll love it!
Aw man, I just updated to A17 and realised the production control is gone.
Production is my profession irl, and I love making huge drug factories (staffed by slaves). I also love doing it in RimWorld, but now it's become more of a chore :(
cammillotto Aug 8 @ 4:19pm 
hey Fluffy! I've started using this for managing my hare ranch, and it works (but still waiting for Animal Tab update :-) )
it'd be an useful addiction to add a zone of choice for animals to be slaughtered from. I'd like in fact to keep the reproductive couples safe from accidental slaughtering (at the moment I'm trainng them for there's an option to exclude trained animals from the butcher's knife...but has a cost) :-)
or, a ticker to exclude certain animals directly zould do the job too

thanks for the great helpful mods!