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DaMaGepy #2: tests for fun
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May 11, 2012 @ 4:34pm
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It's a LARGE single-player map with unique puzzles, made for ThinkingWithPortal's 2011 summer mapping contest. It is recommended that you play my map #1 first, because it teaches tricks that you will need in this map (funnel/bridge climbing).

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- 6 room
- Custom music (Unreal)
- Youtube walkthrough video, in case you stuck and can't continue testing :)
- You can download most of my Portal 1 and 2 maps and their hammer sources from here[heroes.hardwired.hu].
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dire.fcs Nov 13 @ 5:07pm 
Really good and and fun; the last room is really good. ( the funnel room can be bypassed by walking in the big room observation window frame, and then jump to the blue funnel )
vioray Oct 14 @ 2:25pm 
more fun and some nice and complex puzzles
Casvah Oct 9 @ 7:58pm 
OMG that ending....
ATLAS Jul 13 @ 7:02am 
I don't think it should be that you have to run past turrets. THere should be some way to deactivate them instead.
Bedragaren Jun 20 @ 6:55am 
I've had this for a long time but only now I realised that is has music from Unreal. Well, that music is awesome
commander2005 Jun 14 @ 4:09pm 
The test rooms were fun, except room 4.
BOT Aqtocx is not a BOT Jun 11 @ 9:48pm 
!!!!! Defective turrets :D
DaMaGepy  [author] Jun 11 @ 9:41pm 
ye, maybe I'll remove that 3 turret or will make them out of bullets :)
BOT Aqtocx is not a BOT Jun 11 @ 8:51pm 
I'm a big fan of you but I have to dislike this map because of the last part. I never watch walkthroughs so I tried myself. It took me almost 2 hours and I have died over 30 times - the part before the last 3 turrets is absolutely amazing but I don't think the last 3 turrets are appropriate for a puzzle game - the solution is more like an action game and you only have to run. I don't have the talent to play action games so I was almost frustrated to find a more "Portal" way to avoid the turrets but I didn't find any until I tried to run. The reason I like Portal 2 so much is that it utilizes your brain more than your hands.
Domzinho TH Jun 11 @ 2:32pm 
Sorry for my English by Google Translate and my rage; I even watched a walkthrough before seeing your ; -may go to 11:19 - and I was nervous because I saw that the blaster portals not covers the entire wall. I tried 3326897 times jump to the front of where the remaining towers were, but did not do correctly. But again, thank you!