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APS: ARK Postal Service
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Jun 25, 2016 @ 1:17pm
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APS: ARK Postal Service


Clean and Stackable!

Mod ID: 710659758

Send mail to other members of your ARK even when they are offline!
Send Mail and Change Address through the MutliUse Menu!

Engram: Lvl 20, 3EP, No Pre-Req
Crafting Cost: 5 Metal Ingots and 20 Wood
Craft XP: 2XP

- Full Mailbox

- Spam Protection Timer Enabled

- Selected Mailbox to Send To

- Tribed Owned, showing you other mailboxes owned by your tribe.

- Admin Mailbox (Admins can toggle a mailbox as an Admin Mailbox through Multiuse)

Admin Info

Admin Mailboxes have 700 slots and show the star icon on the left side of the mailbox address. Can be useful for players needing to contact admins offline.

Servers that enable PlayersCanSendToAll need to understand, that if a receiving mailbox is in Spam Protection Mode, or has a Full Inbox, it will NOT receive the Send to All mail the player sends. This is to ensure the Spam Protection cannot be bypassed. This is autmatically overriden for admins. (setadminicon must be True for Admin functions! cheat setadminicon true)

GUS.ini Default Settings (These also work with the P+ Official DLC):
[APS] PlayersCanSendToAll=False Notifications=False MaxInboxSize=50 SpamDelay=60.0 FirstMailMessage=Hello Friend!\n\nWelcome to ARK Postal Service! This is your first piece of mail!\n\nYou may set a new address and send mail to others using the MultiUse Menu on the Mailbox!\n\nThanks for using APS as your mail provider!

PlayersCanSendToAll - Enable this to all players to send mail to all mailboxes at once.

Notifications - Enable this to have online players be notified when they receive mail.

MaxInboxSize - How many pieces of mail a mailbox can hold

SpamDelay - How long a receiving mailbox must wait (in seconds) before it can receive mail again; along with how long a sending mailbox must wait to send again.

FirstMailMessage - The message the player receives when they place down a mailbox!

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/APS/Blueprints/PrimalItemStructure_Mailbox.PrimalItemStructure_Mailbox'" 10 1 false

While having this mod running on a Primitive+ ARK Total Conversion Official DLC server won't cause any negative side effects, this mod will only detect mailboxes from this mod, so it is best advised to remove this mod, and use the Official DLC on its own.

Future Plans:
  • Item Shipping
  • Stamps/Shipping Costs (Based off distance and delivery time)
  • Delivery Time Tables (Based off in-game time, disable with INI)
  • Cross-Server Mail Support (Advanced Server Admins)

v2 Road Map

Book Image Credits : MTX Gaming[]

This mod is Open Source[]

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Tiered Mailboxes
< >
SafeString Aug 10 @ 7:03am 
@It would seem that the delay is not working properly. I send mail to letter Box A from letter Box B and it seems like letter box A cannot receive mail again till server restart.
SafeString Aug 9 @ 2:00pm 
@Mezzo Thanks man
Mezzo  [author] Aug 9 @ 7:09am 
The spam delay needs to be set to something greater than 0, else it should use the default of 60 seconds.
I'll have a look if there's something that could go wrong but try something like a spam delay of 1 or 2 seconds in the meanwhile.
SafeString Aug 9 @ 3:51am 
It seems to go off after 10 mins but really that is to long
SafeString Aug 9 @ 3:34am 
So I have a problem it seems that the server keeps showing an image of a clock next to the address. I set the spam delay to 0 so it cannot be that.can anyone help? this is a image of what i see
子诺丶 Aug 8 @ 9:14pm 
jslay  [author] Aug 6 @ 2:37pm 
That’s called email. :)

It is an ARK Federal offense to open other peoples mail.
Kyrzos Aug 6 @ 7:56am 
can we send a personal message to one people and the tribe can't see the message ?
sirbungee Aug 5 @ 9:56am 
Thought ask a you question can you say when cluster Ark Postal Cluster could be used or how much been done so far im big fan of your work. My server is clusterd so just be nice have not to keep going to other servers tell whats Happening, Thank you if you can answer if not thats ok. Just curious
atahalie Aug 1 @ 3:29am 
hi mister mezzo. I use APS on ragnarok.
I want to change the welcome message of the mailbox, but i'm so bad, it doesn't work.
the command lines in the gus stays at reboot, but the message is not delivered at all when i place the mailbox....