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Animated Quarian Portraits - Mass Effect
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Jun 22, 2016 @ 12:08pm
May 9 @ 6:39am
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Animated Quarian Portraits - Mass Effect



Animated Portrait Set
Animated Quarian portraits with (sadly minor) clothing variations.

Custom Namelist
As close to lore as possible, both for ships and characters.

Custom Trait
Custom racial trait increasing research speed and decreasing adaptability. The trait cannot be selected on start, so, in order to use it, you must select the pre-made Empire.

Custom flag
The canon flag of the Flotilla.

Custom Empire
xenophobe, militaristic, spiritual Military Republic, using all the contents of this mod.
It is set as forbidden for AI use by default, but you can easily change this setting in game by following the instructions below.

Enabling for the AI
If you want to have the She'sesi be used by the AI as well, there's a very simple way to do that directly in game.

1) Go to the Empire selection screen (New Game).
2) Select the custom Empire added by the mod.
3) Click Edit.
4) Click Save.
5) Click Back.
6) Scroll up to the new Custom Empire you've just duplicated.
7) Click on the little eagle flag on the side of the Empire selection tab until it tells you "Empire Spawning Allowed".
8) That's all.


Pretty much everything. I'm not using any vanilla files, so it's very unlikely for something to conflict. I doubt this mod will conflit with anything at all.

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Feb 14 @ 1:17pm
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JS23 Jun 16 @ 9:47am 
ah ok then as for the ships do you just not have the time or is it to hard to modle them?
silfae  [author] Jun 16 @ 9:27am 
It seems the CTD was too much of a problem and Paradox rolled back the update, so now it shouldn't result "outdated" anymore. I don't know how to model ships so that's unlikely.
JS23 Jun 16 @ 9:26am 
its not outdated however though im just tired of getting that stupid notification when starting the game that says "running outdated mods wmay destabalize your game" also wanted to ask if you were planing on adding in the qarren ships for this mod or not
silfae  [author] Jun 15 @ 11:12pm 
Cannot do as long as I have a vanilla CTD that prevents me from starting the game. The mod is likely not outdated anyway.
JS23 Jun 15 @ 6:12pm 
mod needs updated for the current version
Lockstarr May 19 @ 11:36am 
It would be awesome that the other races gets their ship desing as the sistem alliance and asaris already have
Aragottix May 16 @ 5:07am 
Im currently running this was another mod that adds all the other mass effect races... well, asari, quarian, turian and salarian so far, it seems to work fine. I came to this mod when the quarian portraits in the other one became buggy and the dev is inative to fix it or make any updates.
JS23 May 15 @ 4:54pm 
got it thanks
silfae  [author] May 15 @ 1:23pm 
It should be, as long as there are no other mods with quarian_ named files.
JS23 May 15 @ 1:17pm 
is this compatable with other mods? been wanting to do a halo-mass effect cross over game for awhile but idk if thhis and the other mods will work together