Back to the Future Episode 5 OUTATIME! Perma-stuck bug/glitch in Glass-house
"UPDATE 3: Episode 5 is blocked for copyright reason, you may need to watch the trilogy version which includes episode 5:

UPDATE 2: The complete walkthrough for Episode 5 is up now, feel free to check it out!

UPDATE: I found a workaround. Be sure to enter Glass-House before you even touch pot-flower. To get there, get a ticket from Trixie and then talk to Diver for Emmett's whereabout. There, you can enter the glass-house and then the handle becomes clickable.

Sorry guys, but I don't think I can make a complete walkthrough and I don't think I can even finish this game with this bug around. I can't find another way around it and this is second playthrough to this point. The problem is that there is ABSOLUTELY no clickable object around and I can't leave the room (the glass-house), so I'm pretty much stuck until the telltale patch this game. If you have any suggestion to get around this bug, let me know. Thanks!"