My Opinion On: E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy
"Edit; as of 24/11/14
You know, I always try to avoid watching my older videos because I think they're all super cringeworthy, but I'm actually kind of impressed with my older self. In hindsight of making this 'review', I started to really hate E.Y.E., and I felt I was just giving it a good score to justify my purchase and opinion. But I may attempt to actually play this game again, it's been a really long time since I played it, and I might actually enjoy it now, or hate it more then I previously did these past few years.

Edit; as of ??/02/14
This review is terrible and cringe worthy, I can't bring myself to watch it because it just me trying to justify my purchase. oh a mediocre game.

Hey, this is technically the first review I've ever made, so I'd like some constructive criticism on how I could improve them, while I already have a lot of ideas in mind of how to make it more flashy them, I just wondering if they're any way i can improve the review structurally, Try to be more comidic, short or increase the length, I want your input.

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