Gravelpit CP C Gameplay Strategy (Heavy)
"5 kills 2 assists May 8,2011 Gin and Tonic
Freaking connection failed my download. First rendered at Max and it failed upload. Rerendered using High at this date and it came clean at the expense of lower quality and same file size. Sheesh, what a pain! And guess what, Steam Community just went down and what another inconvenience! (finally written as of May 10, 201)
As Heavy I go on Gravel Pit Control Point C and get some kills.
This video demonstrates more advanced techniques. I use the various camera tools to go around me, not just a boring straight on view. The First Person and Third Person views are changed around at certain intervals for appropriately showing off aspects of my gameplay and my player character. The Free Camera is by far the most powerful by showing multiple views. The view turns more cinematic. Recording the views is also easy to get the hang of. I change the settings of it to give it some different feelings. As a video with more different perspective, it is a good idea of how to have good movies. I do need more Saxxy type footage though. And I need to test out more of the Free Camera too. But, more Saxxy footage for sure!"