Half-Life: Uplink Speedrun in 2:21
"Half-Life: Uplink in 2:21 on Easy
Patched with HLSPbunny mod v.5

http://stefansundin.com/speedruns/HL_Uplink_221.avi (57.91 MiB)
Video: H264 640x480 40.00fps 2015Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 24000Hz stereo 56Kbps

Scripts used for the object-boost and for the grenade-boost.
I'm not able to shave off a single second of this run.

I had plans of making this on Hard difficult. But realized half way through I wasn't, so I continued on easy.
The hard run would be 3 seconds slower than this, and way harder to produce (I would have to rearrange the grenadeboost becuse I would'nt have that much health at that point, and more re-records to get past the grunts without loosing too much health)

I didn't get the video as smooth as I wanted, so you'll see some pause screens and lags. I also had some issues of time warping due to many segments."