Half-Life Single Segment in 32:55 by quadrazid
"Half-Life 1 single segment speedrun performed by quadrazid July 1, 2011.

00:00 Anomalous Materials
04:25 Unforeseen Consequences
05:45 Office Complex
07:14 "We've Got Hostiles"
07:35 Blast Pit
12:05 Power Up
12:06 On A Rail
15:32 Apprehension
17:54 Residue Processing
20:01 Questionable Ethics
22:14 Surface Tension
25:38 "Forget About Freeman!"
26:28 Lambda Core
28:35 Xen
29:08 Gonarch's Lair
30:51 Interloper
32:08 Nihilanth
33:24 Outro

This run is recorded in one single-segment, which means that it has been recorded in one part, in one sitting without using save-files, pausing or quitting.
Best verification for this is the demo file:

Download insane quality mp4, 1280x720 60fps X264
And more info at:

Started this project April 2010. Back then, I had an estimated time of 46 minutes. Time went on and I found new styles and tricks. Finished the first run January 20, 2011, with a time of 38.57.
More tricks were discovered, skill increased. April 1st, I finished in 35.21. Revolutionary tricks and routes was discovered. June 30, I did a 33.37 run with poor gameplay.
Just one day after, July 1st I finished an almost flawless single-segment run in 32.55.

24:50 Healthdoor; It's a very simple mapping error. The damage value of the door is set to -1 which means that if you get squeezed in it, you'll receive +1 health point. This also applies to armor points. That is why I'm waiting for the grunts to take away all my armor. Once all armor is gone, I shoot an AR-grenade to scare the NPC behind me, he will try to take cover, and the game calculates his path to be straight through the door, and thats enough to make the door get open, neither the door is locked or not.
Once I get stuck in the door, I'll receive 1hp/frame. 100fps - 100hp/sec. To take real advantage of this I raise my fps to 1000, which is max possible - 1000hp/sec. The HUD only display values between 0 and 255. My actual health when leaving the door is ~3850hp

I'd also like to thank Spider-Waffle for some specific tricks he helped me with:
11:48 vertical push trigger out of toxic
23:00 snarkboost and skybox swimming
24:50 how to use this 2nd door instead of the 1st one by barney
26:58 lure the scientist to open 2nd door safely

Please visit:

Programs used:
Half-Life p47
Half-Life Advanced Effects (mirv)
Sony vegas

Outro music:
Dawn - Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher - Diabolical Beauty"
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Dr. Centaur1um Aug 4, 2011 @ 9:55am