Back to the Future DeLorean Promo and Showcase
"This is a really awesome vehicle add-on for those who love this car, the Back to the Future trilogy and game.

I decided to make the promo video for the car after watching Shiropoint's "race like Rainbow Dash" video, well you could say that I copied his vid... I sorta did because it is so freaking awesome, at least 20% cooler than the other ideas I had.

Here is the link to the DeLorean add-on:

And here is the link to Shiropoint's awesome channel:

Shiropoint's original video which inspired me:


"The DeLorean Revealed"
by Alan Silvestri from the
"Back to the Future Complete Original Motion Picture
Soundtrack" under the MCA/Varèse Sarabande label.

"Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars)"
by Noisia from the album "Split The Atom"
under the Vision/Division label."