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Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German, Italian, Russian
Jun 24, 2016 @ 1:37pm
Jul 12, 2016 @ 7:40am
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Q&A Session #2
Originally posted by ☣ToxicSoul☣:
Woah, game from my childhood is coming at Steam, I can't wait to buy it! My question is what about Crashday 2? This game deserve a sequel!
We answered this few times :)
Originally posted by Rasmus:
Will yous add Removed mass destruction minigame and add Polish language to the game ?
We have no plans to add mass destruction minigames, as for Polish localization we will see.
Originally posted by СynepKowka:
Just was in Track Editor, remembered some bugs...
1. (Maybe only in my repack, but) when you choosing an option to save photo of your track game may crash (more often than by other crit.errors) or freeze.
2. Some objects places crooked (for example - highway/high road, it's fences doesn't match), and you can't fix that even if you try to turn/mirror obj.

Original game is cool enough, but it may be not suitable because of it's old graph./phys., low count of players/bots, etc...
Are you planning to release CD as it was, fix minor bugs or qualitatively improove it?
Any plans for CD 2? (CD gameplay + Beam.NG-like physics + modern graphics = ❤). Or at least big update? (a lot of ideas was suggested, why not use them?). True fans will be waiting for it.
Crashday 2 is a big project and requires alot of financial resources. We are a very small team right now and before deciding a sequel we have to see how goes Crashday on Steam first.
Originally posted by elephantkilla:
you can choose a special car as it was 1.0 version?
whether the animation of vegetation?
whether improved&new carmanager?
whether it is possible to play in the fashion on the main server?
will there be more settings for each game mode?
Vegetation won't be animated. We don't have plans for it yet. The game will have new tools, exclusively made for the Steam release.
Originally posted by ♪TigerShark96♪:
Will it be ported to mobile phones someday?
We don't have plans to port the game on mobile devices.
Originally posted by AnTi-Z:
Is there a date of the release already?
No, not yet.
Originally posted by Tail:
New car tuning elements? Neon bars/new spoilers/bumpers etc. Will wheel type affect gameplay? Like offroad wheels being effective on offroad and sport wheels being effective on asphalt.
The game will have new content and wheels will affect the gameplay in a limited way.
Originally posted by Nicknine:
Will there be online leaderboards? Local leaderboards are pretty pointless these days.
We don't have immediate plans.
Originally posted by Nicknine:
Was Crashday ever released for consoles (if not, were console versions planned at any point)? According to most sources it's PC exclusive but some websites list PS2 and Xbox under platforms. Additionally, a trailer from 2004 lists PC and PS2 as platforms. I'm confused here.
Console version but was planned at some point, unfortunately for lack of time and resources was never done.
Originally posted by ♪TigerShark96♪:
Will be "Reset Cooldown" added? Because many players are using Reset (Button R) to avoid plaayer with Bomb and so on
You can disable car recovery in PTB by tweaking game.dbs.
Originally posted by ♪TigerShark96♪:
Will you add Nitro Tuning? In aftbur.dbs i saw something,that looks like Tunable Nitro
You will be able to change the nitro flame color.
Originally posted by AE86THETIC:
The normal game level creator will be connected with the Workshop?
Not in a direct way. There will be a separate tool to upload mods/tracks to the Workshop page.
Originally posted by ♪TigerShark96♪:
1.Will be secret tiles added to editor?
2.Will it be possible,to add bots in Multiplayer?
1. If you mean the hidden tiles then yes. 2. We don't have immediate plans for it.
Originally posted by Lg2K:
Thanks for the answers! I have one more question though.
How is it to work on Crashday again after all those years (after the original release of the game)?
It's not an easy question since the team is mostly composed by new members :)
Originally posted by caboosexiv:
Can you play multiplayer with friends?
Yes sure! That's the idea behind the multiplayer :)
Originally posted by ☠Mu$tAnG☠:
1. Are you guys keeping the original soundtrack?
2. Can you add in your own music?
3. Is the system requirements the same?
4. If there is a guranteed release date? If so, when?
1. Yes we are keeping it. 2. You can use Steam Music playlist for that. 3. System requirements are a bit higher. 4. The exact date is not yet decided.
Originally posted by Lg2K:
1. How many people are currently working on the steam port/version of the game?
2. Will you (still) be able to change your nickname ingame (including colour codes)?
1. At the moment we are around 10 counting our testers. 2. You are able to change it ingame from Steam overlay.
Originally posted by Yuzorg:
By the way, I think the first option tachometer dial, was better. Sorry I have not been able to get it back) Though in a lot of things left Exe ordered. :)
Oh, and mine as the third weapon, too, it was a great idea!
Mine won't be featured.
Originally posted by Bulijonmaize:
1. What do you think about when people pirate Crashday only to play it because the steam version is not released?
2. Did you know that there is a unofficial master server for people that want play Crashday on multiplayer?
3. Are you thinking of uploading dev log videos? Because we wan't see how the game looks.
4. Are there going to be trading cards, steam profile backgrounds and steam emoticons?
1. We have nothing against piracy if used to test products before buying them. 2. Yes, we have given the master server to the guy who is running it. 3. Sadly no, due to time constraints. 4. We are evaluating them.

Q&A Session
Originally posted by elephantkilla:
whether the increased speed of missiles? and their number?
Missiles number is tweakable in game.dbs.
Originally posted by elephantkilla:
will really spin the wheels of opponents in multiplayer?
Wheels should spin correctly now.
Originally posted by Bulijonmaize:
Is the original master server going to be revived, or theres going to be a new master server?
We are using Steam for that.
Originally posted by ♪TigerShark96♪:
Can you add VAC support for CrashDay? Because in the 1.0/1.1/1.2 you can:SpeedHack,Make infinite ammo,Make yourself invulnerable,using only Cheat Engine.
Right now, we are trying to detect cheats directly by our integrated AC in multiplayer matches. In the future we'll probably adopt VAC.
Originally posted by Nicknine:
I take it the soundtrack was outsourced to various German composers, right?
LowBuz band appears to be still alive and Peter Struck's website is still up. What about Pro.Fac, though? I couldn't find any information about them. Does this band even exist anymore?
Yes, different external people worked on the soundtrack. Right now, we are not anymore in contact with them.
Originally posted by Scorpion:
1. is the Graphic higher than the old game ?
2. is there limits on the FPS ?
3. how much optimized is it ?
The game now have a functional post processing shader which increased hardware requirements. Optimizations were made specifically for "modern" PCs. We recommend to have a 64 bit version of Windows 7 or above (even if is not strictly required).
Originally posted by Kerouha:
1. Are map limits (size, amount of dynamic objects, terrain restrictions) same as in the original game?

2. How many bots/players are allowed in singleplayer/multiplayer? Why not more? 5 bots in singleplayer was just boring (even less than amount of players in multiplayer).

3. Will the game make use of more than one poor CPU thread?
1. No they aren't. There is no terrain restriction and the amount of dynamic objects is increased. 2. Player number is still the same as in the classic game. AI is pretty intensive and the game focus is on the multiplayer mostly. 3. Overall the game can be considered single threaded with some exceptions for a few tasks and the multiplayer code which is asynchronously.
Originally posted by Nicknine:
There's something I couldn't quite figure out about the soundtrack: are those licensed songs or were they composed specifically for this game?
They were specifically composed for Crashday.
Originally posted by KRON:
Will there be full controller/Steam Controller support? I also would like to see a lossless version of OST.
We will evaluate it.
Originally posted by DatWut?:
If I am a content creator and create something unique that does not require any licensing whatsoever (e.g. I manage to create a car that clearly resembles something without being a straight copy or create some custom tiles such as a railroad with crossings and trains), would you take the files into the game and made them available for everyone if I sent them to you?
No, I am not a content creator, just curious in general.
We can check the content and if good enough probably we can make it official.
Originally posted by :
Will you update Crashday after release? It would be cool to see new cars, tracks or weapons, maybe even gamemodes.

Also, we will be able to create our own cars?
Yes, you will be able to create your own cars like in the classic game.
Originally posted by Camomile:
I. Will be updated after the game is released?
II. Why limit the speed of a car? (It becomes not so fun)
III. Why changed incubator setting in multiplayer?
I. Yes. II. Real life cars aren't limitless, however you can disable the limit whenever you want in game.dbs. III. I don't know what you mean by that but Incubator is not changed.
Originally posted by s3iorus:
Will be Crashday 2? It's been more than 10 years ago now...
It is something we cannot answer right now.
Originally posted by ♪TigerShark96♪:
Will there be Custom cars support for multiplayer?
Originally posted by Klumb3r:
Will they add more languages?
At the moment no.
Originally posted by nat:
When your game sells very well, would you guys consider making a Crashday 2?
And what do you think about Synetic? A sad story, no Nice 3 happend ;-;
Originally posted by w3stracer:
also, will you expand a singleplayer somehow too? a singleplayer in the original game was extremely short
Steam version will be more multiplayer oriented, the career will stay pretty much the same except some minor tweaks in some missions to make them more challenging.
Originally posted by w3stracer:
how much is it going to cost for russia?
We didn't set an official price yet but should be between 5 USD and 15 USD in USA/Europe and maybe adapted for other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, etc..
Originally posted by Pangonia1998:
Will there be any improvements for the track editor, such as new road pieces, buildings, etc?
Yes, we planned new content for the editor.
Originally posted by nat:
Is it possible to receive a free key when I still have the original copy?

What about the tracks made with the non-steam version? Will the Steam version support them or do I have to rebuild mine?


Thanks :)
We appreciate the people who originally bought the game but the price is very accessible and everyone should be able to get a copy and support the development! Tracks made with non Steam version are still compatible. Cross platform porting require even more work and without a reasonable number of sold copies we cannot consider it.
Originally posted by SkyL3R:
Will the game's online multiplayer be fully integrated with Steamworks?
(Love you guys, just take extra care of online multiplayer, we want it to be incredibly fun without any issues)
Yes, no more external master-server. The new multiplayer code is written from scratch using Steamworks SDK.
Originally posted by Dot:
Will there be HD soundtrack available for purchase?
Not sure about that but if there is a significant amount of requests we can make it available.
Originally posted by The Grim Reaper:
1. When will be the release? :)
2. Will be any achievements or steam cards included?
3. How about track editor, do you planning steam workshop for that or some kind of place to upload it to public?
1) The exact date is not yet decided. 2) Yes, both of them. 3) To upload content (mods and tracks) to the Workshop page you will have to use a separate tool called Crashday Workshop Tools (included with the game).
Originally posted by SKYNET:
Will it be the original game with all stuff and soundtrack?
And what date of release?
Thank you.
The game will be pretty much the same with more stuff and less bugs.
Originally posted by Magné:
Are you planning any major gameplay design changes? Any rebalances, new weapons?
Some nice features are on the road and nearly finished! For example you will be able to customize car presets in MP (not possible in the classic game).
Originally posted by FoXTroD:
Ou and will there still be the possibility of making you own tracks?
You will be able to create tracks and also share them in the Workshop page if you want!
Originally posted by RespecT:
when will it be released exactly?
The exact date is not yet decided.
Originally posted by FoXTroD:
For Q&A
Will there be early access or open beta and will there be steam workshop support?
There won't be any open beta but Steam Workshop is supported! Not sure about the early access.

Release date: Winter 2016/2017

Crashday puts you in the world of stunts, dents and adrenaline: whether you prefer to smash your vehicle into pieces with breath-taking stunts or race against your enemies in a custom highspeed race track, today there are no rules - it's crash day!

This game is the polished and improved version of the original game for Steam that runs on current-gen PCs.

Do you like to craft your own tracks and share them worldwide?
Unleash your imagination with the integrated editor and build your track with no rules!

Do you like to compete and measure your skills against your friends?
Play against opponents in the game modes 'Hold The Flag' or 'Bomb Run' where gameplay is competitive and challenging. Show your opponents that you are the better player!

Game Modes
  • Stunt Show - Impress the audience with insane stunts, long jumps, and crashes.

  • Racing - Be the first to cross the finish line.

  • Wrecking Match - Hunt down and destroy your opponents by all means by using weapons or ramming into your opponent's vehicle.

  • Hold The Flag - Capture the flag from the track, or steal it from a foe. Blaze through checkpoints upon capturing the flag.

  • Pass The Bomb - Pass the bomb on your car to another player before it blows up.

  • Bomb Run - Speed up or else the bomb will blow up! Survive as long as possible.

  • Test Drive - Freely roam around the track.

Mini games
  • Long Jump - Jump as far as you can.

  • Vehicle Blast - The spectacular version of 'Long Jump'. Attempt to jump farther with the power of explosions!

  • Checkpoint Chase - Pass as many checkpoints as you can in random order before time expires.

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