5 Screen Eyefinity Demo Reel - Setup, Heaven Demo, HAWX, Half-Life 2, Just Cause 2 & Battle Forge
"This demo real shows setting up the new Eyefinity 5x1-Portrait Eyefinity mode. It also shows off footage of:
- Heaven Demo (v1)
- Half-Life 2
- Just Cause 2
- Battle Forge

running on five screens. The gameplay video is off an HD Cam, so you can see how it looks while playing.

Note that while you are seeing screens in a 1080p video, the actual setup spans a diagonal of approximately five feet. You'd have to play the video on a 60" TV and sit about 18" from it to get the full immersion. The setup is 5x1080x1920 - 10.4M pixels. These five 1080p screens offer 5 the pixels and resolution of an HDTV."