Gundemonium Recollection

[Novice 5 Lives] Gundemonium Recollection - Beginner Attempt
"This is my second attempt at playing this game. I'm not really very experienced at shmups in general and ceratinly haven't played any for the better part of a year, so bear with me. I'm uploading this in the hopes of garnering some constructive criticism, and also of getting some advice regarding the boss that actually killed me.

Phaser in Stage 4 has an attack which seems to take off 4 lives when it connects, and dance all over the screen until it does nomatter how long I dodge for. Last night I had many, many attempts at Stage 4 (using the Continue option) and on ONE of them I managed to get past Phaser by bombing the second that attack showed up, which seemed to cancel it. I try to do the same thing in this video and fail. There has to be a more reliable and more intended way of dealing with it. Does anyone know?

Other than that, like I say, general hints and tips and critique would be welcome. I'm aware that I'm not good at this game and I'd like to improve. By all means be frank, but be polite. Thank you."
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Nidai Nekomaru  [author] Oct 23, 2011 @ 4:25pm 
If anyone knows what the hell I'm supposed to do when Phaser pulls out that crap that takes 4 lives off me in a single hit (near the end), please do tell me.