Quake 1 CTF - Threewave Capture the Flag with Bots (01)
"I made and uploaded this video because almost no videos exist on youtube of the Original Quake 1 Threewave Capture the Flag gameplay.

I used to play a lot of Quakeworld Threewave CTF back in the hayday of Quake 1, and to this day, it remains the MOST fun gameplay I have ever experienced in any video game, period.

I lost all demo videos from back when Quake 1 was popular, and it is very hard to get Quake 1 CTF games going anymore. Thus, this video is done with bots, using the CTFBotp mod, which is really great and comes pretty close what the actual gameplay was like against human players.

The bots in this mode are pretty good for fighting, although when they try to make flag runs, it isn't as great. Also, I made this video after not really playing Quake 1 seriously for over 10 years, so I am quite rusty. However, I still remember a lot, but also forgot some things.

I used to play on Quakeworld Threewave CTF servers on the west coast and used the name Scribble[SFD]. SFD stands for Sixin's Fire Dragons which is the Quake 1 CTF clan I created and lead. The clan didn't do any leagues as it was mainly created for fun, but we definitely had some good players.

Although, Quake 1 CTF is pretty much dead, I miss it a lot. If anyone else watching this video and wishing to play Quake 1 CTF again so desires, I have created a Steam group that is making a serious effort to put together some QWCTF games like the old days. Please check out the Steam group at: