Let's Play Ultimate Wizard (C64) - All Treasure Run - Part 1
Ultima Wizard (c64)
"Ultimate Wizard - 100% Full Run Through with All Treasures and All 100 Levels

Get 100% of all treasure*
No use of save states or cheats**
Playthrough of all 100 levels

* 100% of treasures means all treasure that are possible to get and still continue to the next level. Some levels contain trick treasures that if you get them, you are no longer able to finish the level and thus stuck on it. One more exception to the all treasures that appear at the beginning of the level is any level that has a thief class monster, which in most cases makes it is impossible to get all treasures before the thief gets some of them or is killed. On the other hand, treasures that even require you to die in order to get them will be attained throughout the playthrough.

** I will be using unlimited live secrets throughout the game. Some may consider this cheating or exploiting, but since the methods used to get the lives does not involve using save states or changing code or entering any "cheat codes", it is still fair play since it is within the bounds of the game and each level. Finally, save states will obviously be used between periods of playing and taking a break to continue another day."