Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

My GMOD Poses 2010-2011
"This is basically a slideshow of all the GMOD Poses I have posted on MODDB

I hope none of you don't mine me using the TF2 characters alongside the realistic HL2, L4D, and other models, becuase that is a personal style that I have developed over time.

Thanks to Valve, Garry, and all the makers of the custom models and maps used in these poses

Sorry for the lack of music, I couldn't find any that I fitted my personal taste or the video.

Most of my poses follow a single storyline that I have been developing that present an alternative aftermath of the events after EP2 and HL2 resulting in a massive trans-dimensional war between various major and minor powers including the Combine, RED, BLU, and various others. View the poses on MODDB for additional information on the storyline."