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Classic Classes and Birthsigns
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Classic Classes and Birthsigns

☼ Classic Classes and Birthsigns ☼
by: Kearsage

☼ Latest Versions ☼
Ver 2.4
- Witchhunter now has Conjuration as a Major Skill instead of Restoration. This brings it in line with skill distribution in both Morrowind and Oblivion.
- Acrobatics Secondary Skill now has 15% increased Stamina Regeneration in addition to falling damage reduction.
- Athletics Secondary Skill now has 15% increased Stamina Regeneration, and movement speed bonus has been reduced to 15% (from 25%).

☼ Full Class and Birthsign Descriptions Available at Skyrim Nexus ☼

☼ Overview ☼
All Elder Scrolls games prior to Skyrim had character creation begin with selecting a class and choosing your character’s birthsign. In Arena and Daggerfall there were 18 distinct and unique classes to choose from, and in Oblivion and Morrowind they increased that number to 21. Each with different major skills and advantages, and allowed the player to better conceptualize their character as well as provide a different starting experience for each new game played.

Characters were also said to be born under a certain sign, and choosing a birthsign at character creation allowed you to customize your starting character even further.

In Skyrim, this option was removed and all characters now start the same. The interesting and unique classes that Bethesda had created and fleshed out across four different games have been removed, and now you must spend your first hours in the game wandering to align with a standing stone to get the starsign you want. This mod changes that.

☼ Compatibility ☼
This mod is safe to use with current characters. If you load a savegame with a level 1 char it *will* bring up character selection, and run normally. For any character level 2 or higher, the current character menu will appear and give the option to add a class's Secondary Skill and Class Ability, as well as a Birthsign.

The mod should be fully compatible with:
-Alternate Start mods, such as Live Another Life
-Custom Race and racial ability adjustment mods, such as RaRe and Third Era Attributes

The mod will likely not be compatible with:
- Mods that alter the base skill points of the player. However, if Classic Classes is loaded AFTER the other mod in the mod order, CC will still work, but I can’t guarantee the other mod will continue to work correctly.

☼ The Classic Classes ☼
**Class Selection will begin after you equip a weapon or spell for the first time**

Each of the 21 Classic Classes are based on the classes available in Oblivion and Morrowind and are broken down into three specialties: Combat, Stealth and Magic.

Major Skills
Classic Classes characters start with all skills at 5 pts (novice level). Each class has several Major Skills which start at 25 pts (apprentice level) before racial bonuses are applied. This represents your character’s profession or skills learned prior to the start of the game.

Secondary Skills
Secondary skills are abilities that represent basic skills learned in previous training that cannot improve any further, nor do they contribute to your character’s overall experience level. There are five Secondary Skills:
Hand to Hand | +10 Unarmed Combat Damage
Athletics | Move 15% faster, Stamina regenerates 15% faster
Acrobatics | Take 75% less falling damage, Stamina regenerates 15% faster
Unarmored | Armor rating is 50 when not wearing armor
Mysticism | Magicka regenerates 25% faster

Class Abilities
Each Classic Class starts with a Class Ability that represents the training they received prior to arriving in Skyrim and gives them an edge over those who have had to teach themselves. In some cases, this is a bonus Novice-level perk. In others, this bonus is separate, but stacks with other similar bonuses from perks, etc.

Starting Spells
Characters that start with a Major Skill in one of the magical schools will start with one novice and one apprentice spell for that school.

Default-style Characters
If you wish to play Skyrim using the default character progression, but still have a birthsign simply select “Adventurer” from the main menu and your character will have 15 pts in every skill (before racial bonuses are applied) as well as the default spell loadout.

Class Listing
Combat specialists focus on melee or ranged weaponry and use armor to protect themselves from harm. The combat classes are:
Archer, Barbarian, Crusader, Knight, Rogue, Scout, and Warrior.

Stealth specialists focus on avoiding detection and sneak attacks to give them the edge in combat.The stealth classes are:
Acrobat, Agent, Assassin, Bard, Monk, Pilgrim and Thief.

Magic specialists focus on the arcane arts and spellcasting, sometimes combined with martial skills, to achieve their goals. The magic classes are:
Battlemage, Healer, Mage, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Spellsword and Witchhunter.

☼ Custom Class ☼
To choose a custom class, select “Custom Class” from the main menu. You will be provided the opportunity to choose 7 Major Skills, as well as a +20 bonus to either Health, Stamina or Magicka.

☼ The Birthsigns ☼
After class selection, players are given the option of choosing which of the nineteen constellations their character was born under. As a Dragonborn, you can choose to come under the effect of the starsigns as they shone during the Third Era, or as they shine in the Fourth Era, or choose The Traveler to skip birthsign selection at character creation and continue with default play.

Default Play
If you wish to start with no birthsign, select the wandering star, The Traveler, and your character will start play with no starsign attuned - just as in default play.

Fourth Era Birthsigns
The Fourth Era birthsigns share the same powers as Skyrim’s standing stones but are chosen at character creation. These powers can be exchanged at any time for another standing stone’s power at any of the stones in the game. A full description of each can be found on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Third Era Birthsigns
The Third Era Birthsigns are unique and based upon the birthsign abilities in Oblivion and Morrowind. These are chosen at character creation and remain with your character throughout play. They cannot be changed once chosen. However, you can still come under the effects of a standing stone power by attuning yourself to the stone. Just like in Oblivion, birthsign and standing stone abilities DO stack! The Third Era Birthsign abilities are as follows:
The Warrior | Deal 20% increased damage with weapons
The Lady | Fortify Health 20 pts and Magicka regenerates 25% faster
The Lord | Restore 60 Health over 15 seconds for 100 Magicka, take 25% more damage from fire
The Steed | Move 25% faster
The Thief | 40 additional Armor Rating
The Lover | Once per day, you can paralyze a foe for 10 seconds
The Shadow | Once per day, turn invisible for 60 seconds
The Tower | 10% reflect damage
The Mage | 30 bonus Magicka
The Apprentice | 50 bonus Magicka, 50% weakness to magic
The Atronach | 100 bonus Magicka, Magicka does not regenerate, 50% chance to absorb spells
The Ritual | Once per day, heal yourself for 200 Health. Once per day, cast Mass Turn Undead
The Serpent | Once per day, potent poison on touch. Cast Cure Poison on Self.

☼ Known Issues ☼
- The speed boost granted by the Third Era Steed birthsign saves to the character. If you uninstall the mod and want to remove the speed boost from that character, type this into the console: player.setav speedmult 100
- If the menu does not appear when you first equip a weapon, it is likely your using an older version of the game. I am not sure why this is required, probably has to do with script processing, but please make sure your game is fully up-to-date if you are having this issue.
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SWJarhead Apr 23 @ 4:05am 
i was so mad that they changed skyrim to have no classes and birth signs, only those stone you find every where. the morrowind and oblivian had classes and birth signs, but morrowind let answer questions to find out your class.
Warsun Mar 30 @ 3:31am 
I am requesting this for Special Edition.
Darkwitchery Sep 5, 2016 @ 4:48am 
Love it good job thxs:)
Garrus Vakarian Aug 25, 2016 @ 1:08pm 
Nice! Always missed those classes and birthsigns from Oblivion :D
sleak456 Aug 7, 2016 @ 8:30pm 
when are you supposed to select what class you are so far the options have not come up.
General Snuggles Mar 17, 2016 @ 12:50pm 
@Highspeed: Actually, it does include a martial-arts based Class.

The Class in question is "The Monk". While they don't get any cool Kung-Fu-style moves like in previous Elder Scrolls games, their unique Class Ability is "Martial Arts". This ability causes their Hand-To-Hand damage to increase in a manner proportional to their level - in other words, the higher their level, the more damage their bare fists deal.
Darkwitchery Oct 19, 2015 @ 8:24am 
Highspeed Oct 13, 2015 @ 3:46pm 
I'd be surprised if this mod included a class with martial arts
gamerboy2117 Sep 21, 2015 @ 3:34pm 
how do you start the process new to the mod and confused ??????
SmellyBoinen Jun 26, 2015 @ 11:33pm 
Has potential, and I don't know if this is just me or not...but since I installed this I cannot make a new account on this game.