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Sakura Dungeon

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By Franka_Scythe
How to be a filthy cheater
Enabling the console
First of all, we want to enable the console. Close your game if it's open.

Go to your Sakura Dungeon install directory, and enter the \renpy\common directory.

Look for the file 00console.rpy and open it with a text editor.

Edit the line "config.console = False" to "config.console = True"

Save the file, and close it.

Start the game, and while in the game (not at the title screen, start a new game or load a save) press SHIFT + O to call up the console.

You can now enter console commands.
Some codes that may be useful:

Take care when inputting these, as a wrong code could break your game. Never, ever input a code without an extension, for example fox=99 will definitely break your game!

fox.currency=XXX ;where XXX is the amount of mana shards you desire.

[Name].xp=99 ;where [Name] is the code for the character, see below. This will set XP to 99, so the character will level up on the next XP gained.

knight.xp=99 will set Ceri's XP to 99.

XP gains seem to become sporadic if you're more than 5 levels above your opponent, so you may want to stop there and update when you get new encounters.

[Name].vit=XX ;where XX is the amount of Vitality you want. Note that VP will not increase this way.
[Name].agi=XX ;where XX is the amount of Agility you want. Note that AP will not increase this way.
[Name].mnt=XX ;where XX is the amount of Mentality you want.
[Name].str=XX ;where XX is the amount of Strength you want.
[Name].dex=XX ;where XX is the amount of Dexterity you want.
[Name].res=XX ;where XX is the amount of Resilience you want.

15-20 in these is plenty to make the game a vacation cruise. Pressing S and A when entering a battle will make the endless random encounters tolerable.

[Name].vp=XXX ;where XXX is the amount of VP you want.
[Name].ap=XXX ;where XXX is the amount of AP you want.

[Name].max_vp=XXX ;where XXX is the max amount of VP you want.
[Name].max_ap=XXX ;where XXX is the max amount of AP you want. [thanks to gob-sec]

[Name].physical=X ;for Physical Resistance.
[Name].poison=X ;for Poison Resistance.
[Name].air=X ;for Air resistance.
[Name].fire=X ;for Fire Resistance.
[Name].ice=X ;for Ice Resistance.
[Name].shock=X ;for Shock Resistance.

For all Resistances, X=1 for 25%, X=2 for 50%, X=3 for 75%, X=4 or more for 100%.
These are the codes you will need for the [Name] section above, linked to the character names in the game. Listed in the approximate order you'll obtain them in the game.

Character - [Name]
Ceri - knight
Bunny - bunny
Boar - boar
Slime - slime
Cat - cat
Spear Warrior - spear
Sylvi - dark_elf
Fox Tamer - fox_tamer
Witch - witch_book
Warrior - warrior
Sword Witch - witch_sword
Mud Girl - mud
Witch Bunny - witch_bunny
Yomi - fox
Tribeswoman - tribal
Fox Archer - fox_archer
Cat Witch - witch_cat
Tiger - tiger
Monk - monk
Panda - panda
Maeve - dark_knight
Fox Miko - fox_miko
Fox Knight - fox_knight
Forest Spirit - forest_spirit
Nine Tails - ninetails
Hammer - hammer
Captain Bonny - pirate
Wand Witch - witch_wand
Genie - genie
Assassin - assassin
Queen Bee - bee
Chocolate Mimic - chocolate
Abyssal Cow - cow
Noblewoman - goth_lolita
Anubis - anubis
Brawler - fist
Sand Sentinel - sand
Exalted Angel - jewelry
Tribal Warrior - tribal_warrior
Abyssal Goat - goat
Whip Wielder - whip
Ryuuou - asian_dragon
Tatsu - assistant1
Yori - assistant2
Abyss Demon - abyss_whip
Abyss Mimic - abyss_mimic
Abyssal Watcher - dark_chain
Abyss Slime - abyss_slime
Ella - twins1
Emma - twins2
Succubus - succubus
Spirit Guardian - wolf_ghost
Chika - scifi_evil
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antisora5 Feb 2 @ 10:01am 
nevermind I found out what I needed to do:steamhappy:
antisora5 Jan 29 @ 6:15am 
I tried this and the game wouldn't allow me to get in because it found an error. and kept finding an error. not sure if I did it wrong or what.

is wordpad a good file editor? where is the "config.console" suppose to be?

I need a bit of help to point me in the right direction.
Portaddict74482 Jan 18 @ 2:03pm 
Question: How do I open this if I DON'T have the recommended program to open up the files?
CrightonM Jan 14 @ 12:29pm 
great guide, but i alsp discovered by accident that you can change levels for a party member, for example yomi is fox.level=(xxx) where x=number
Jahed Dec 21, 2017 @ 3:15pm 
Normally, you should be able to select an existing skill to change it.

Or do you have 7 skills ? You can delete a skills with the console. Save before to make sure you delete the good one though.
del knight.skills[X]

Top left 0 (by default it is guard), Top right 1
middle left 2, middle right 3
bottom left 4. bottom right 5
Nep Nep Dec 21, 2017 @ 2:39pm 
how does one delete a skill, i gave ceri one too many and know when Yomi teaches me capture, i get screwed over.
Nep Nep Dec 21, 2017 @ 12:34pm 
It works! I just did "Knight.Defeat_Count = 4999" and the next kill i got was breaker of armies. THANK YOU SO MUCH for looking into this, i didn't want to have to regrind 5k kills since i lost my save
Jahed Dec 20, 2017 @ 10:44pm 
I don't know if it would work (I don't have a way to test it), but I suggest that you try with a new game.
knight.defeat_count = 999
kill a bunny. You should get the Taste for battle achievement if you didn't have it.
knight.defeat_count = 2499
kill a bunny. You should get the Unstoppable achievement if you didn't have it.
knight.defeat_count = 4999
kill a bunny. You should get the Breaker of Armies achievement if you didn't have it.

allow_capture must be set while in a combat. Then you use capture as normal. It also works with boss fight or any script battle if you have the level for the capture.

Chika will then appears in the prison and you can make her your servant as normal. It works with any [name] character.
Nep Nep Dec 20, 2017 @ 8:41pm 
that description for how to do it is confusing. Is there a way you could do a short video in order to explain what needs to be done?
Jahed Dec 19, 2017 @ 7:42pm 
allow_capture = True
You can capture enemy in the spaceship. They join the group, they fight as normal, they don't participate in group dialog.