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Subdued Borders
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Jun 1, 2016 @ 7:00pm
Apr 17 @ 7:10am
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Subdued Borders

Fully functional with the new mapmodes for 1.2, the effect applies to all map modes.

This simple mod alters the shader FX for borders so they are transparent with a colored edge. Contested areas fill in the same way they did in the vanilla game, solid with split colors.

This is compatable with just about anything since very few mods touch the shader files, so that's a plus!

Highly resiliant mod, likely to be unaffected by future game updates even if the loader reports it to be out of date!

Updated for 1.1 with new & improved bighter and more vibrant borders!

Known Issues:
- Difficult to see borders when zoomed out
- Difficult to see dark color borders
- Visibility is highly affected by underlying galaxy color and overwhelming galaxy center effect

But wait, there's more!

Looking for extra graphics only mods? Had enough of the same orange/green galaxy? Sick of that insanely bright fog of war?

Incognito Incognita
Darker, less intense "Terra Incognita" (aka Fog of War)

Enhanced Galaxy - Orange
Same familiar orange colored galaxy with more details, softened nebula clouds and a darker galactic rim

Enhanced Galaxy - Teal
A whole new galaxy to conquer! Custom galaxy colors including the galactic center and nebula clouds

Hidden Hyperlanes
Hide those hyperlanes in unexplored space!

Enhanced Galaxy - Dark Core
Another new galaxy, this time without the bright galaxy core.
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Nov 19 @ 5:51am
Adjusting the fill opacity
< >
Peter34 Oct 18 @ 12:13am 
Yup. Just don’t choose a dark purple flag.
Mod works perfectly for me in 1.8.2. It's awesome.
Peter34 Oct 14 @ 11:53am 
It works for me.
NiKuTa Oct 14 @ 11:04am 
is this mod working on 1.8.2 ??
DarthJarJar Oct 13 @ 5:21pm 
Hello, is this mod still getting updated? If so it would be awesome if you could make it compatible with the latest Stellaris update :)
voidster Oct 9 @ 4:37pm 
Thanks for the info peter, good to know this still works lol.
N3XUS12 Sep 26 @ 10:18am 
So is this mod achievement compatible or...?
YoloXXXL4 Sep 26 @ 7:39am 
Peter that happens, if the devs didn't touch the shader files, nothing will break. and than we are just lucky that such mod still works
Peter34 Sep 23 @ 7:12am 
Weirdly, this mod seems to work in 1.8, despite not having been updated.
[E.FF]Thadwookie Sep 17 @ 9:19am 
i still unscribed paraplegic. i'ts not my job