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Prop Line Tool [PLT] (vAlpha)
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May 31, 2016 @ 3:23am
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Prop Line Tool [PLT] (vAlpha)

Prop Line Tool
Draw lines of props and trees like how you draw roads!

This mod will save you time by placing items one by one for you!

***UPDATE*** November 1st, 2016:
The prop offset has been fixed! Big thanks to SamsamTS for the Prop Precision mod!

+ Draggable Trees
+ Draggable Props and Prop-Fences
+ Curved Fences! (Be sure to use Fence Mode! - see "Options Bar" section)
+ Place up to 256 items in one segment.
+ Undo up to the last 64 segments you placed by pressing Ctrl-Z.
+ Precision Controls for Spacing and Angle
+ Reposition parts of or the whole curve without having to redraw it.

+ Does not break save games!
+ Can be safely disabled at any time
+ Your placed items will still be there even if the mod is disabled!
+ No detours

- Still need to delete items one by one
- Items placed with this mod do count towards their respective item limits
- See "Quirks" section

- Click to place curve control/draw/anchor points.
- Right-Click to cancel the last point.
- Ctrl-Z at any time to undo the last segment, up to the last 64 segments.
- Alt-Click (purple) any time items are showing to copy-place them where they are without having to redraw the curve.
- Ctrl-Click (green) when placing the last control point (items are showing) to Lock the curve in place.
Once in Lock Mode:
- Click any of the control-points to move them.
- Click on the position of the second item to change item spacing.
- Click on the angle locus (large circle with satellite circle) surrounding the second item to change prop angle.
- Click on the curve itself to reposition it.
- Right click when changing something in Lock Mode to revert it to its last state/place before you "picked it up."
To Place Items and Exit Lock Mode:
- Ctrl-Click or Ctrl-Enter to place items and continue/"unLock".

Options Bar
- This mod places an options bar in the same place and style as where the road tool does in order to switch to Straight/Curved/Freeform draw modes.
- Options Bar will appear whenever a tree or prop is selected.
Buttons on the Options Bar:
- Toggle Fence Mode
- Single: default prop and tree singular placement (hides fence mode and control panel buttons)
- Straight
- Curved
- Freeform
- Toggle Control Panel: Show/Hide PLT's handy control panel.

Control Panel
- Click the button in the Options Bar to show/hide.
Control Panel Features:
Parameters Tab:
- Decouple Button (will show when drawing continuous curves. click to reset items to start of curve.)
- Spacing adjustment buttons and textbox
- Angle adjustment buttons and textbox
- Angle Mode dropdown
- Dynamic: angle items relative to the curve.
- Single: angle items with absolute angle on the game map.
Options Tab: (hover over these checkboxes in-game to see more info)
- Show Undo Previews
- Enable Error Checking
- Show Error Guides
- PLT Anarchy: ignore placement errors and place everything
- Place Blocked Props: like Anarchy but only for items that would be "hidden" by roads and/or buildings that already exist. (Use Prop Anarchy if you want the items to not be "hidden"/blocked).
- Render Items at Vanilla Positional Resolution (see "Quirks" section below)
- Use Mesh for Center Correction: If you have props that are not properly centered within their bounds, attempt to center them based on their mesh's pivot point (if available). On by default.

- You may notice that placed items are not perfectly positioned as they appear when drawing the curve. (Especially when using small items or small spacing). This is a limitation due to the method the game uses to compress position-data for each prop/tree.
*NEW*: Use the Prop Precision mod to fix this issue.

If you'd like to preview exactly where items will be placed at vanilla resolution, I've provided a check-box in the Options tab of the control panel called "Render Items at Vanilla Positional Resolution".

- There may be a bit of lag when switching prefabs. I think this is due to the game reloading custom brushes in the brush panel each time a prefab is selected. (Especially in map editor or with a tree brush mod). A workaround is to temporarily move any custom brushes out of the CS brushes folder.

Usage Tips
- Use larger fence pieces where you can to save on prop count. It really makes a difference in the end!
- Place props/trees on roads and through buildings: Enable "Place Blocked Items" in the Options tab of the PLT Control Panel AND enable Prop Anarchy.

Alternative Prop-Placement Mods
Be sure to check out these other mods for prop placement! (:
- Barrier Placer
- Prop Fine Tune
- Prop Snapping

Pairs Nicely With
- More Beautification (highly recommended but not required)
- Prop Anarchy (includes Tree Anarchy)
- Prop Precision
- Network Skins
- Random Tree Rotation
- your favorite tree and prop assets!

Incompatible With
Nothing! (So far as I'm aware...)

Source Code
Source code is available on GitHub[].

Special Thanks
(including but not limited to)
- SamsamTS' ResourceLoader[] class for the sprite/atlas utilities.
- BloodyPenguin's Extra Landscaping Tools for how to add tools.
- bofomer's Network Skins for how to create a nice UI panel.

If you would like to support me and my hard work through a donation, click the Donate button or follow this link[].


Enjoy! ^__^
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