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Epic Explosions
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May 28, 2016 @ 3:45am
May 9 @ 10:09am
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Epic Explosions

Updated for 1.6.

Does it feel wrong to you that ships equipped with unimaginably powerful fusion reactors quietly drift into the darkness after destruction? This mod will make them blaze like a star for one last glorious moment.

-Not achievement compatible.
-Mod compatibility: works with virtually every mod unless you use one of the other versions

Other versions:
-Downscaled Ships version. Fixes delayed and duplicated reactor explosions and adds a smaller explosion to corvettes/destroyers. Works only with Downscaled ships.
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Shu Ouma Aug 12 @ 2:11pm 
Is this Ironman compatible and Achievement compatible?
The Quantumbolt Aug 10 @ 4:30pm 
Scientifically, it'd be awesome to see a cloud of somewhat-bright plasma permeate the battlefield after ships are destroyed.
The Quantumbolt Aug 10 @ 4:26pm 
Fusion reactors don't explode or flare up, they simply leak plasma.
Mentalistpro Aug 1 @ 12:56pm 
some issues with the mod:

[pdx_entity.cpp:118] Couldn't find particle 3D object
* "ai_01_circuit_blue_light_effect" (or ai_01_circuit_blue_light_effect is not of 'pdxparticle' type)
* "large_ai_blue_station_explosion_particle" (or large_ai_blue_station_explosion_particle is not of 'pdxparticle' type)
* "ai_01_blue_large_station_core_effect" (or ai_01_blue_large_station_core_effect is not of 'pdxparticle' type)
* "ai_01_blue_small_station_core_effect" (or ai_01_blue_small_station_core_effect is not of 'pdxparticle' type)
* "medium_ai_blue_station_explosion_particle" (or medium_ai_blue_station_explosion_particle is not of 'pdxparticle' type)
Golden Gonzo Jul 12 @ 3:36am 
Why is this not achievement compatible? It's entirely 100% graphical and does not effect mechanics?
Grizzly_Void Jun 26 @ 12:26pm 
Can you make this work on the titan class please?
Halifax789 May 16 @ 9:08pm 
not getting any different explosions. Not much of any explosions at all.
Thunder449900 May 9 @ 8:12am 
IsarusRising Apr 30 @ 5:56pm 
Does this work with custom ship sets, added by other mods?
Pode Apr 20 @ 2:46am 
Chondrite probably had the Stellaris launcher open when he updated the version number, then uploaded, which doesn't work cause the launcher caches the mod files on start. If he updated the mod and then went back and tried to just update the version number, it'll have the wrong number but be updated. This like to drove me batshit with my mods.