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Space Engineers

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S - Battle Suit
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May 21, 2016 @ 11:58am
May 23, 2016 @ 10:12am
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S - Battle Suit

In 1 collection by Sektan
New Astronaut Suits
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S - Battle Suit

Hydrogen Capacity - 250 (vanila 125)

Run - 5 (vanila 4)

Jump - 5 (vanila 2.5)

Mass - 120 (vanila 100)

and testing health, I set double healt, IDK if is functional :) try it

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CoyoteJohn Jul 17 @ 6:56am 
Had an issue with inventory yesterday in survival. Switched to the Battle Suit and could not pick things up and items in my inventory were inaccessible.
Voltem Jul 15 @ 2:47pm 
with all these mods, one is just more OP than the other. i mean cmon, add some downsides
F-Team_Adrian Jun 7 @ 5:27am 
Incredible Skin Sektan. The best of all! The only problem is that the new mass, the health and the faster running speed don´t seem to work... also, i have 2 mod requests for you: 1. Gravity Generator whose range is controllable in all 6 directions like a sensor (would make a grav shield alot easier) and 2ndly a mod wich allows you to zoom out as far as you want when in 3rd person view in a ship. I´m building a giant ship right now and these mods would help me a lot! Thank you
for all the great mods you did so far!
Silent Hawk Jun 3 @ 12:22pm 
making a mod for the suits from interstellar would blow me away, :))))))))))))) PLEASE DO IT!!!
[GVG] SpaceWolf [332nd] May 16 @ 11:30pm 
It shows up for me....
Kerbish Polar Bear May 15 @ 11:42am 
Please fix this. It is a really good suit, but it is currently not showing in the medical room menu.
Gekreth Apr 3 @ 4:06am 
This suit is not showing in the medical rooms
C4N Apr 2 @ 5:06pm 
I tested crouch, walk, run and sprint speeds, everything is working this way.

-- Vanilla
crouh speed: 2 m/s
walk speed: 2 m/s
run speed: 4 m/s
sprint speed: 7 m/s

-- Mod

crouh speed: 2 m/s
walk speed: 2 m/s
run speed: 5 m/s
sprint speed: 7 m/s
C4N Apr 2 @ 4:44pm 
JumpForce neither...
C4N Apr 2 @ 4:30pm 
I tested this <MaxHealth> parameter, It doesn't work :(