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Complete Colors
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May 21, 2016 @ 5:15am
Jun 27, 2016 @ 5:07pm
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Complete Colors

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Version 1.01

Adds a complete RGB Color Table with 2048+ colors to the color selection menu of the Empire Creator.

Mod Features:
  • Adds 2048+ New Colors in an RGB color grid for selection during Empire Creation
  • Greyscale Bar at the bottom of the grid for a full selection of greys
  • Maintains the original colors from Stellaris for savegame compatibility.
  • Full support for AI use of new colors
  • Compatible with Ship-Type adding mods
  • Ironman and Achievement Compatible

Special Thanks

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Azkera Jun 3 @ 7:04pm 
Update please.
Ralaigon7 May 15 @ 3:51pm 
Will there be another Update? It has been a while ...
=VAC=Killers Apr 12 @ 9:04am 
@AFK, ahhhh.. I didn't know that........
AFK Apr 12 @ 1:00am 
...Except, of course, that that only clears the "obsolete" warning without fixing the underlying problem, which is that it uses the original planet-selection screen. or do not have this issue and are actually being maintained, unlike this mod.
=VAC=Killers Apr 12 @ 12:07am 
In order to get this mod to work with the latest update you must edit the "ugc_688576380.mod" which you can find under /my doccuments/ paradox interactive/ stellaris/ mod

Edit with notepad++ and where it says "supported_version="1.2.*" just change the 1.2 to 1.5 and it'll work. This small trick I stumbled across from another mod.
The Last Roman Apr 9 @ 8:16pm 
Now crashes the game with the current update for me.
AFK Apr 6 @ 8:04pm 
...Entirely broken, as you'd know if you read any of the comments.
Amnesiac Apr 6 @ 6:55pm 
possibly broken mod, messes up your save games sometimes. I loaded stellaris one day and all the empire flags were gone, even for the regular pre-made empires. Removing this mod fixed the bug.
Syme Apr 6 @ 9:01am 
This mod probably won't get updated. Here's my color mod that also adds an RGB table, but isn't dead.
Unktray Apr 2 @ 1:19am 
Breaks the GUI. You can't choose Alpine or Savannah preferences in the species creation menu while having this mod enabled.