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Commanders Choice
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May 20, 2016 @ 9:42pm
Sep 14, 2017 @ 6:31am
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Commanders Choice

This mod has been updated for compatability with War of the Chosen but is still classified as a vanilla xcom mod (exclamation mark next to mod in Launcher) to maintain backward compatability. If you encounter any issues with WotC compatability please post in the WotC bugs discussion thread.

Commander's Choice lets you set the class of any Rookie who is ready to rank up to Squaddie.

A button has been added on the Armory Soldier Main Menu. By Default Commander's Choice disables the Promotion Button for Rookies on the After Action screen (screenshot 2). The Promote button on the Armory screen can optionally be disabled as well. This behavior can be customized in the ini.

The Commander's Choice button will only appear for Rookies that have earned but not yet received a promotion. The PsiOps and Spark classes cannot be changed to or from, for lore and mechanical reasons. The button will not appear for these classes. Any other class, including custom classes (as shown in the screenshot), can be changed to.

-Be careful using the next/previous soldier buttons when on the Soldier Abilites screen if you have rookies awaiting class assignment. Changing to a soldier awaiting promotion on while on the Soldier Abilities screen will rank up that soldier, therefore bypassing Commander's Choice if the soldier is a rookie.
-If you promote a Rookie from the After Action screen instead of the Armory Commander's Choice will be bypassed. This is why the Button is Disabled by default for Rookies.

ini Location: Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\268500\688405905\Config\XComCommandersChoice.ini
-Disable the Promote Button for Rookies on the Armory Screen. Default: False
-Disable the Promote Button for Rookies on the After Action Screen. Default: True
-Hide the Promote Button for Rookies on the After Action Screen. Default: False

The UI has a few niggles:
-You may have to click twice on a the Selected class
-The Time of 0 Days is an artifact of the type of menu, I can't hide it (or haven't figured out how)
-There is no Cancel/Back button (can't figure this one out), use the Esc key or choose the class that the soldier already is (this aborts the operation)
-The tooltip for Commander's Choice might be the Dismiss tooltip.
-The Commander's Choice button does not work with Controllers at this time.

-This mod has no class overrides and should be compatible with most mods.
-This mod should be compatible with any mod class overrides.
-Compatible with Long War 2 but may cause issues with Hidden Potential

Note: Older versions are available from the Nexus
-1.1.0 Change Squaddies instead of Rookies
-1.0.6 Old Interface
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LittleSister Mar 11 @ 12:41pm 
thank god this mod is still up to date ... hate playing without it
Tim_ Mar 6 @ 7:14pm 
Just completed a WOTC campaign with 63 mods including this one. All ran perfectly. I like this mod, I will use it again.
Bdbrown6900 Feb 8 @ 3:38pm 
When I try to use RealityMachina's Biotic class Redux, it does not show up on the Commanders Choice screen.
sq_paradox  [author] Jan 30 @ 4:01pm 
Yes, this is still being supported but I don't have much time to devote to it these days.
Bdbrown6900 Jan 30 @ 7:47am 
Is anyone still supporting this?
Tyler Durden Dec 14, 2017 @ 12:05pm 
This adds so much fun to this game, that I want to show you my gratitude with 10% of what I paid for the game or so. This I feel is the single best MOD of XCOM as is!
Short after, I'd rate the Free Camera Movment MOD and the Wide Angle MODs. Those are quite helpful as well.

As a side note: If you even want to further improve on this MOD: You know how characters get from 4 to 12 points of Will every time they level up? Well, instead of having to save scum to get the maximum amount of will ()just in case they get their brains shot out in some mission), it's be great if your MOD might add two little boxes: Assign Wil increase randomly (default), Assign [xx] points of will. ;-)

Thanks again for a great MOD!
And let my know if you have a HP that accepts donations or something! :-)
Tyler Durden Dec 14, 2017 @ 12:04pm 
Hi there!
Oh boy! I loooove this MOD!!! :-)
Thank you very, very much!! :-)
Can I pay you back somehow for making it? You've made XCOM 2 a hell of a lot more enjoyable to me. I wanted to play with my own characters from the start with the tutorial and because Sue Kelly cannot be deselected from the first mission, the remaining 3 characters are set to NOT become Rangers when you return. So if by random selection, one of your favorite Ranger characters is in the first mission, he will NOT have any chance to become a Ranger. I tried everything, let Sue Kelly die in the mission and then save scum 30 times. No mater what, no character that was in the first mission with Sue Kelly can become a ranger, not even if she dies in the mission.
Long story short: Your MOD makes it possible!
SerenityNow Dec 1, 2017 @ 1:06am 
seems to be working with WotC, thanks!
Helixagon Nov 22, 2017 @ 5:15am 
Thanks for updating to WotC, hoping for that controller update still!
Jim Raven Nov 5, 2017 @ 5:49am 
@ObelixDk just promote em normaly or by using the next soldier thing