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ST: New Horizons

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ST: New Horizons - A Star Trek Collection
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NHV 1710 Assimilation - Beta

There seem to be some issues with steam updating our mod.
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UFP ships
LT. CMDR Storm
< >
Oboro 25 minutes ago 
@firefox21 and @kosh i believe they have stated they haven't implemented events for the Enterprise ships beyond the nx upgrade, as of yet, but they plan to
G-Man  [author] 1 hour ago 
pls read the description
AfrikaKorpsTeufel2 2 hours ago 
its always crashing wtf is happening? cant launch
Kosh 4 hours ago 
@Fire Fox21 this should hapen by an Event but i dont know how it get activatet.

@Hydrofoil As i know you dont Need them but you get a few additional features when you have them
Hydrofoil 4 hours ago 
Does this require the Synthetic dawn and Utopia Expansions?
FireFox21 13 hours ago 
got a question, how to i get the newer enterprises? near the end of Kirk era teck atm and still have the NX class enterprise fling around
spiritouspath 22 hours ago 
i got a question on of one my play trhoughs captain archer and his enterprise get destroyed by the xindi does the enterprise ever come back with her next captain?
Summon3r Nov 21 @ 9:34am 
@Devs - any chance we could get a 1000 star map that follows canon stories? i love playing the 1400 star milky way but it just grinds down to much in the late game even on fastest, and the 850 star map is just to small though the game performance is GREAT on it
leetzelong Nov 21 @ 2:59am 
I discovered where the vasalise function was moved to...It's now on the info screen of each planet .It seems you can now vasalise any planet, even if it wasn't an alien homeworld before.
G-Man  [author] Nov 20 @ 6:58pm 
paradox wiki page have a list of pages where u can download the steammods