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Glassing the Planet
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May 19, 2016 @ 5:50am
May 9 @ 8:25am
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Glassing the Planet

Tired of landing and seizing planets that you do not want?
This mod allows you just to glass it into ruins!

After fully bombardment of a planet, you can choose whether to glass it or nuke it. Glassing makes a planet no longer colonizable.

After a full or armageddon bombardment and the fortification health of the bombarded planet is reduced to 0, you can choose to
1. glass the planet. remove all creatures from the planet, and make the planet into an uncolonizable dead world.
2. nuke the planet. remove all creatures from the planet, and make the planet into a tomb world.
3. do nothing
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Sep 20, 2016 @ 2:25am
So about the Planet bombardment message
Black Jack
< >
Jagick Jun 16 @ 1:37pm 
Only issue with this mod that I can see is that nuking or glassing a planet does nothing for your war score like a successful invasion does.
Jew Jun 1 @ 7:51am 
@Karloku Can the AI glass the players planets, if so im 110% fucked and I think many other people are.
Ken May 29 @ 5:39am 
How many fleets can glass the planet at least?
EclipseKnight May 25 @ 2:55pm 
I may be a xenophilic government but if you're shit piece planet is keeping me from my psychadelic space weed, I'll fucking end you, weed stealing scum.
Computer May 23 @ 12:28am 
man at one point in this god dam game you just have so much lag it takes like frickin 20 hours to deplete the planet's health bar and you can send them to hell after with just a click like so. would be nicer if it is automated tbh cuz fuck xenos god dam alien scum remove from premise.

wonder why there isn't an option to choose to simply fight a war of annihilation. literally vaporize or be vaporized would be a cool official addition. fuck this war demand bullshit
Arwin Hochauser May 20 @ 1:48pm 
Seems way too easy to destroy planets.
alexj4596 May 13 @ 9:58am 
that would mean you would have to have those weapons on the ship, most people dont use the torpidos
Pls dont steal my spotify May 1 @ 5:07pm 
@TheMafias Antimatter reactors for nuking and T3 Plasma for glassing seems balanced to me for your nerf ideas.
TheMafias May 1 @ 12:59am 
Hey, I was wondering if you could debuff the mod. It is overpowered but is great for roleplay atm. Could you make it where empires will go -100 (+2 Yearly) for nuking it and even more for glassing it? Also maybe have to research High-level lasers for glassing and high-level nukes for nuking. Thanks for listening, great mod, so much fun!
LesbianFistingSex Apr 30 @ 9:42pm 
@Karloku could you add armagedon bombardment (fanatic purifiers) to glass the planet as well?