Portal 2

Portal 2

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Deceptively simple!

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Deceptively simple!

My first test chamber. The ending requires a little bit of skill! Don't get discouraged. It can be done. Thanks for playing!
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[DGCAST] Dog G6 Aug 4, 2013 @ 4:10am 
Ah I see, sorry Apple ;)

I'll look forward to your new update.

I actually recently took my first level, and used it as a base for what is essentially a new level, but with the same general idea for the main room (which was the only room in the original). The reason I did this was because some Let's Players on YouTube had some trouble with a blue/orange gel momentum section.

The nice thing for you is it doesn't seem like you have or had any really major buggyness, at least compared to mine, in which you'd clip the portal edge for whatever reason, which wasn't helpful while trying to fling over a pit of acid.

Instead, you've just got a really nice simple level to improve on. It'd actually be a cool idea (IMO) if you did a series, where every chamber in the series was built off your first level, and made slightly harder and more complex.

Keep up the good work! I always forget you can subscribe to developers for some reason, I should do that xD
MapleBacon  [author] Aug 3, 2013 @ 9:30pm 
Dog: I actually changed the fling at the end after Apple commented- the grid for the fling was one "block" away from the wall and it involved repeated attempts at getting the fling right, since as you were falling sometimes you would bump the grid and it'd reset your portals =)

With that said, perhaps I will actually make a new version of this with a more complex puzzle. This one was, in fact, my first chamber altogether. Thanks for the play!
[DGCAST] Dog G6 Aug 3, 2013 @ 2:16pm 
Simple, can take a bit to look at what needs to be done, but again, as the title says: simple.

As for deceptively, I can see where depending on the person it may take a bit to think aboutl, but mostly it's just a nice, quick, simple level.

As for the fling, for me it was easy to pull off, as I already had both portals in place when I jumped in, so it guided me into the floor portal, and I completed it on the first try. I guess it could be annoying if you had trouble figuring out to position it, but I like it, and anything involving momentum in general.

My opinion tho, and I'm not bashing Apple there. Not a bad level, and for a first, it isn't really buggy or anything, so that's really great.

Now you should make a complex version of this level ;) Maybe called "Deceptively Not Simple"?
[PCMR] TheAppleFreak May 16, 2012 @ 4:31pm 
It was very simple, but that end fling was annoying to pull off.